Muddy Trails – avoid this weekend

Charlottesville received about 3 inches of rain May 15 and 16. The trails will need until at least late Sunday (24 hours of drying time per inch) or Monday. Look into one of our many gravel roads or a road ride if trying to get out this weekend. Thanks!

New Trails Coming to the Belmont Area

The City of Charlottesville has just purchased a parcel of land in the Belmont area, near Quarry Park, and Moore’s Creek. The 32 acre purchase protects this land for future use by Charlottesville’s outdoors enthusiasts.  The trails may include some of the highest viewpoints in any of the city’s parks. CAMBC looks forward to working with the city to design and install mutipurpose trails. Watch for future updates. We’d like to thank Chris Gensic, Charlottesville’s Park and Trails Planner for his hard work making this happen for the community.

trail update

Our area has received approximately 1.5 to 2 inches of rain from April 28 to morning of April 30th. The rain is expected to continue until early Thursday morning. A good rule of thumb to avoid damaging your trails is to allow 24 of drying time for each inch of rain (freeze-thaw conditions triple this). Please avoid using our local trails until at least Saturday.

April 2014

CAMBC Meeting Minutes April 21, 2014 (7:00PM – 9:00PM) Meeting notes for April 21 club board meeting at Sam Linblom’s house. Attendees: Sam Linblom (President), Dave Stackhouse (Treasurer), Will Sanford (Officer), Ken Crawford (Secretary), Matt Jones (Board Member), John Lewis (Board Member), Jon Ciambotti (Board Member) First Order of Business: The board voted to fill the Treasurer vacancy created by the exit of Pam Crawford.  All present voted in David Stackhouse as Treasurer effective immediately. Responsibilities include: Deposits Payables Balance Account Reports (Dave indicates current balance ~$21K) Discussion around board member responsibilities and expectations.  Sam iterated that board members have … Continue reading

Post current trail conditions!

Out scouting trails between rain storms this weekend? Help your fellow riders out by reporting problem conditions (or AWESOME conditions) to The website will post the most informative submissions in the trail conditions box on the right side of the homepage. Trees down? Muddy trail need de-berming? Snap a picture with your smartphone and attach it to the email. Pictures will upload to the site to help guide the next trail work crew to the problem areas.

Keep an eye on the website for developing trail conditions as we all wait impatiently for March to finally dry out. Please remember to allow at least 24 hours for the trails to dry for each inch of rain (allow more time when it is cold out). Continue reading

GWNF and Preddy trail conditions

Natl forest trails Are in premo shape as of this morning. We rode in the Braleys pond area, and trails were dry and in excellent shape. Trails at preddy creek are also in premo condition as of yesterday, with the exception of a few muddy spots on the lower reaches of the loop trail. Sent from my mobile gadget.