Trail etiquette and usage plea/reminder

Fellow mountain bikers and trail users, a quick plea/reminder on recommended trail etiquette and usage for our shared trails in the area. STAY OFF WET TRAILS – our local trails get a lot of use.  Riding them when they are muddy or wet increases the damage to them by providing ruts for water to run in, enlarging puddles and preventing drainage.  General rule of thumb is 24 hours for each inch of rain received.  We received ~2 inches yesterday.  Other general rule is if you can see your tire tracks in the ground, its too wet. (go ride gravel, and/or … Continue reading

Ride Frozen Trails

Walnut Creek Park is going to be wet for a while. There are muddy spots and ruts on every trail right now. Please ride only when the trails are frozen, or wait until we have a week of warm temperatures and no precipitation. Frozen trails are fast trails.

Walnut wet in spots

Please keep in mind the freeze-thaw cycles now that the temps have dropped. The last rain was on Thursday, and because we are not getting 24 hours of drying, some spots are still wet. When trails freeze, ice expands and loosens the dirt as well. Please keep this in mind when deciding when to ride. If there is recent precipitation, please plan to ride in the early morning when the dirt is frozen. Walnut was wet in spots this weekend, but mostly rideable.

Ride Frozen Trails

Preddy and Walnut are both pretty soggy as of today. We are seeing a lot of new ruts forming. If you are planning to ride, please do so while it is still below freezing. As soon as the sun hits the frozen trail later in the day, everything starts getting boggy. Help preserve our trails.