First annual all-hands CAMBC Photo!

May 21, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Walnut Creek Park


Ever wonder who all your fellow club members are?  Me too!  Let’s find out at THE CAMBC ALLHANDS GROUP PHOTO and social!

I’m happy to announce this first for CAMBC.  We want EVERYONE in the club to join us so we can finally find out who we all are!  And we’ll take a picture so we can remember.

Who:  EVERYONE!  If you’re reading this, that means you, your S.O.,  your kids, your pups, your riding buddies, your drinking buddies, your grandpa who taught you how to ride, your 3rd cousin once removed who made you crash that one time in grade school.  EVERYONE.

When/Where:  Walnut Creek Park (upper parking area, in the field by the dam), 2pm SHARP, May 21st.

What we wear:  Your favorite CAMBC gear, Charlottesvile-related event t-shirt, bike jersey, etc.  And bring your bike too!  There’s plenty of room for everyone and every bike.

Prizes!  Points for anyone in costume. We need a pink gorilla suit if you happen to have one.  There may be prizes (we should be able to find something!)  I know I saw a jar of peanut butter awarded as 2nd place at a brownie crit once… my goal is better prizes than that. 🙂  Let me know if you want to volunteer a prize (maybe to help promote your local business?)

What else:   You plan it, it happens!  Before and after you should definitely ride, hike, fish, swim, picnic, party, enjoy a pint glass full of high quality root beer, etc.   Make plans with your friends to help make sure everyone makes it out for the photo.

Video: That’s right, high-quality, professionally-produced, promotional video for this event!  That’s the kind of class you can expect at this event.  It is especially handy in case you want to, for example, share on social media!  Thanks to Drew for the video!

I’m personally hoping for a truly epic game of foot-down.

Please mark your calendar and help get the word out!

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