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Lock’n Music Festival: Wheelhouse

September 9, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – September 13, 2015 @ 9:00 pm
Oakridge Farm
VA 22922
Hey Folks;  It’s time to get organized for the Lockn‘ festival.  Just like last year, CAMBC runs what is called the “Wheelhouse”, which is code for a good times bike programming program run by CAMBC’s own Kyle Rodland.  So, get ready to contribute to Lock’n, raise a little money for CAMBC, have a great time, fix some bikes, lead beginner and intermediate mountain bike rides, and be an ambassador for cycling.   Last year, on top of all the benefits the volunteers get, we raised ~$600 for local trails.  The festival runs from Sept 10-13, down in Arrington, VA (very near Lovingston).  See more here:  Lockn‘ Music Festival
We are seeking volunteer for all of these activities.  Check your email for the online spreadsheet where you can sign up for work volunteer shifts:
A few notes:
  • Volunteers get:  free admission for the day(s) they work, free camping in the Wheelhouse area, free parking, a meal voucher for each shift(s) that you work, possibly more benefits.  Its amazing, really…
  • Logistics of where to go, what to do, how to get your pass, etc will come, so hold tight on those questions for now.
  • You’ll need to come early for your shift, especially if you are working on Thursday.  We might also need folks to help on Wednesday to get stuff down there ahead of time (CAMBC trailer, etc)
  • If you sign up, be prepared to work your entire shift, and then some if needed
  • We are building a relationship with the Oak Ridge Estate and Lock’n, so we plan on hitting this out of the park (again!), with the hope of making it better next year.  Lockn‘ thought our work from last year was a highlight of the festival, and we were immediately green-lighted again.
  • We need a lot of volunteers, because we simply don’t exactly know what to expect.
Questions?  Let me know.
Sam Lindblom, and the rest of the CAMBC Lockn‘ committee
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