Beginner Rides

Beginner rides will be every Tuesday at Preddy Creek, leaving the parking lot at 6pm sharp.  Please show up a few minutes early so you’ll have time to get ready, and remember traffic/construction can be challenging at that time of day.   Rides will continue every week until daylight savings ends.

Rides are contingent on safe weather and trail conditions that won’t cause damage.   I will try to send out reminder emails and/or cancellation notices when I can.  If you don’t see an email, I’m probably just busy with life/work.  Use your best judgement and send out an email yourself! The rides happen and are best when everyone kicks in a little bit.

A few bits to keep everyone safe:

  1. A helmet and bike in good working order are required.  Let me know if you’re having trouble with this, I can help or direct you to someone who can.
  2. Kids over 14 welcome.  Kids under 14 welcome when accompanied by a parent/guardian or after discussing with me.
  3. Highly recommended that you bring a pump, spare tube, multi-tool and something to drink.  Everyone will have more fun if everyone is prepared.

For more information, email

Hope to see you all out there soon!