CAMBC loves shared use trails. The more people out exploring the woods, the better. No one, however, likes to startle other trail users while sharing the trail.

timber! makes high quality handlebar bells that let other trail users hear cyclists before a startling encounter can occur. The bells are hands free and ring with the motion of the bike over the terrain. Don’t worry, you won’t sound like an avalanche of tambourines and sleigh bells cascading down the trail. The polite dinging of the brass bell is pleasant, and carries a safe distance up the trail. When you are on a long climb, or way out in the middle of nowhere, the bells can be set to stealth mode so you can hear nothing but the tires on the trail (and your squeaky old bike frame).

CAMBC has commissioned a run of timber! bells with our logo on them. This is part of our shared trail message. We’ve tested them on crowded sections of our local trails, and the feedback from hikers and runners has been positive.

  • The bells come in either a clamp-on model so you can set it and forget it
  • We also have some quick release models that can be moved from bike to bike (pictured above)

To get these bells into the community ASAP, we are giving them to you with a donation of $20 or more (while supplies last). Donate through our square store and ensure you’ve entered your email address and phone number so we can arrange a pickup location and time convenient for you.

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Timber Bike Bell – With $20 Donation

(Credit card donations secured by Square)

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