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MEDIC SOLO Disaster + Wilderness Medical School

November 15, 2014 @ 8:30 am – November 16, 2014 @ 6:30 pm
Matthew Rosefsky

About:  MEDIC, SOLO, and Blue Ridge Mountain Sports

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  • Stands for:  Medical Education:  Do-it-yourself Injury Care


  • The oldest continuously-operating school of wilderness medicine on the planet
  • One of very few wilderness medical schools run by a physician
  • Staff continuously develops state-of-the-art evidence-based disaster & wilderness medical science
  • Main campus in New Hampshire
  • Instructors live and teach throughout the USA and abroad.


Mired in the wilderness of an urban disaster zone, rural area far from hospital, or natural area miles from an access point … Hands-on learn how to save life and limb during the critical minutes or hours before ambulance / hospital hand-off.

The MEDIC SOLO disaster + wilderness first aid course is a blended experience of classroom and hands-on learning.  ~50% of student time is spent rotating as mock rescuer and mock patient in realistic care-giving scenarios, making the most of learning-by-doing, and forming muscle memory.


  • No prerequisites
  • For adults and focused youths ages 12+. Know your loved ones are safe wherever they are.
  • Hands-on learn how to care for an injured / ill person during the critical minutes or hours before ambulance / hospital hand-off
  • Blend of classroom instruction & hands-on rescue scenario practice
  • Approved by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the American Camping Association (ACA)
  • 8:30am – 6:30pm each day both course days
  • 2-year internationally-renowned SOLO WFA certification
  • Counts as recertification for WFA, AWFA, WFR and wilderness part of W-EMT
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  • Beyond the ‘golden hour’:  wilderness/disaster-delayed EMS arrival injury challenges and long-term patient care
  • Patient Assessment System:  thorough patient examination, treatment, monitoring, safety, and documentation
  • Orthopedic Injuries and Treatment:  Sprains, Strains, Fractures, and Spinal Cord Management
  • Circulatory System Form and Function:  Heart, Blood, Blood Vessels, Lungs, Brain
  • Soft Tissue Injuries and Wound Treatment:  Contusions, Abrasions, Lacerations, Flap Avulsions, Amputation, Punctures, Impalements,  Bites, Stings, Blisters, Burns, and Infections
  • Environmental Injuries and Treatment:  Cold, Heat, Dehydration and Wilderness Survival
  • Medical Emergencies and Critical Care:  Shock, Allergies, Shortness of Breath, Brain and Heart
  • Patient movement:  spinal cord precautions and clearing; pre- and post-evacuation treatment

Blue Ridge Mountain Sports Partnership / Sponsorship:

  • John Holden, 30+ year manager emeritus of BRMS Charlottesville, took Matt Rosefsky’s disaster & wilderness first aid class in 2007, then re-certed in 2009 and 2011 — soaking in more and new information, skill and technique each time.
    • John moved to a BRMS corporate office position, invited Matt to teach in other BRMS-store communities, and presto:  a partnership formed, Matt started teaching much, much more and founded MEDIC to be his little corner of SOLO, and now BRMS brings Matt’s classes to all communities in which there are BRMS stores.  Forever thank you, John and BRMS!
    • BRMS sponsors the class, helping to keep the fee as low as it can be, so that as many people as possible in its communities can receive this critical life- and limb-saving education & hands-on practice.
    • Charitable Donations:  continuing in the spirit of building, partnering with and giving back to community, MEDIC and BRMS donate 10% of the proceeds of each class to a local community nonprofit organization.
      • How many organizations do you know of have a 10% charity donation built into its operations?
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