Mailing Lists

You don’t need to be a member to receive updates about club activities. Come meet up, ride, do trail work, barbecue, or hang out with us! We have several groups available. Pick one that works for you! These are closed lists, meaning that only members of the lists can send emails to the list.

Please Note!!!! To join our mailing list, you need to [cryout-button-color url=”” color=”#47AFFF”]Sign the CAMBC waiver!!![/cryout-button-color]. Please fill out the waiver before clicking these groups below!

Our general mountain biking mailing list. Primarily used to post up ride or trailwork information in this list. Ask our mountain bike community your questions about gear advice, bike repair, etc. All are welcome and this is FREE! This is the easiest way to get out and ride with us!

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Women’s MTB:
This list is dedicated to increasing the ladies’ ridership in the club. Same setup as the MTB list, but no boys allowed.

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