McIntire Park

Charlottesville City Park with 2-3 miles of trail. Moderately rolling terrain with mature hardwood trees. Trails have a few logs, and most creek crossings need to be walked due to stairs and other step stones installed to reduce environmental impacts.

The McIntire Park trails are multi-use for foot traffic and bicycles. Motorized use is prohibited. Please be aware of the potential of meeting other users such as birdwatchers, dog walkers, hikers, and trail runners while using these trails. As always, bicycle riders should yield to all foot traffic, please keep your bike under control. Since this is public land, use of the trails should be avoided after periods of rain or heavy freeze/thaw conditions which may create a temorarily unsustainable trail surface (riding in mud is detrimental to the trail’s durability).

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

McIntire Park North trail system
McIntire Park Nature Trails map
McIntire Park map

Parking is located in McIntire Park West near the pavilions and ballfields
Parking Map