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CAMBC Q4 2020 Membership Update

November 2020 Winter is coming, eventually.  We hope.  This fall has been amazing—weeks of dry weather and beautiful colors.  On top of that, we have some updates for you. Riding in the time of Covid First, Covid safety practices are still in effect.  We can’t have socials, big trail workdays, and group rides.  We CAN be good role models and help keep our trails open and in good shape, especially as the winter season kicks in. Don’t ride on wet or muddy trails.  Don’t skid.  Don’t ride at crazy speeds on crowded trails. Don’t use or create shortcuts.  Stay on … Continue reading

CAMBC Membership Update – August 2020

It’s been a while since we’ve last communicated with you.  We blame it on Covid as we practice social distancing, doing our part to reduce spread.  Several updates on ongoing projects, trail systems, and our accomplishments are below. Riding in the time of Covid The Covid epidemic has impacted our club’s organized events.  We miss riding with and seeing all of you.  While we wait this out, we are aware that our local trail systems have experienced a considerable increase in usage, both with hikers/runners and new riders.  Here are some encouragements on how to be leaders and responsible riders … Continue reading

CAMBC Membership Update – November 2019

Project Updates Pump Track CAMBC is prepared to offer the City to fund the design, materials, and construction of a small pump track in the city to promote biking and provide a place for kids and adults to work on bike skills and help with the maintenance of it in partnership with the City’s Parks and Rec team.  We intended this to be our major 2019 effort, and we had planned to do fundraising for the track, and solicit membership support for the build and maintenance of it. City Parks and Rec leadership did not respond to our communications.  The … Continue reading

O Hill Perimeter Loop Trail Complete!

CAMBC completed the extension of the Perimeter Loop Trail on Saturday, March 24th.  The newest trail addition is located across the street from the small parking area atop O Hill on McCormick Road.  Users are now able to travel the full Perimeter Loop via singletrack rather than incorporating McCormick Road as their connector!  The trail’s gentle grade will be suitable for all skill levels as CAMBC has phased out an older, eroded section of trail of trail. Interested in participating in future trail work days?  Stay tuned to our mailing list, or watch the Trailwork Calendar at CAMBC.org!  

RTF CAMBC Trailwork day on OHill

32 Volunteers participated in trailwork of various activities along the section of the RTF on OHill just south of the Route 250/Ivy Road entrance.  Corridor clearing, wet spot remediating, and armoring of a always wet spot improved a section that gets overgrown in the summer.

Cutaway Kids Team Trailwork Day

The kids from the Cutaway team are at it again! Twice a year, coach Joe Hoskins brings his crew of young racers (and their parents) out to help CAMBC maintain local trails. The kids learn the importance of proper trail design, how to prevent erosion damage, and how to keep the trails in top shape for years to come. This fall, their project was at the top of O-Hill. Clearing back invasive brush and building water drainage features were the tasks for the day. In total, 20 kids and their parents showed up, and gave some very old trails a … Continue reading

New Trail Section at O-Hill. CAMBC and RTF Combined Trail Work Day

  On November 15, 2005, the Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club (CAMBC) and the Rivanna Trail Foundation (RTF) tackled a big problem! A dangerous section of trail ran within inches of a cliff, a serious cliff! Yes, that’s the trail surface at the bottom of the picture! Had anyone gone over the edge, a 100+ foot tumble would have landed them on the highway ramp. It could have been a really bad day for someone. Luckily, no one has been hurt yet.   And just as bad, our beloved hill was having an erosion problem just 50 feet down the … Continue reading

CAMBC and RTF Plan to Reroute a Dangerous Section at O-Hill

Please join us for trailwork on Nov. 14th!!! Most people familiar with O-Hill are aware of the trail on the cliff above the highway. It is a trail that developed as an offshoot from the Rivanna Trail near Fontaine. These types of “social trails” develop when existing trails guide users away from features or destinations they want to see. If people go off-trail repeatedly and follow the same path, new unsustainable and potentially dangerous trails can be the result. CAMBC and RTF are setting out to fix a hazardous situation. The trail we are targeting sits precariously above the highway, and … Continue reading