Devil’s Backbone Event a Success!!!

On March 28th, Devil’s Backbone and Travis Book threw CAMBC a party. Travis is a member of the Infamous Stringdusters and a fellow mountain biker. In an effort to help further CAMBC’s trail advocacy, Travis and his hometown brewery, Devil’s Backbone offered up beer and music for over 100 people. Devil’s Backbone gave us 2 kegs of beer, which we served in sweet CAMBC pint glasses.

Travis, Dave Stackhouse, John Lewis and others led beginner, intermediate, and advanced rides on and around the Devil’s Backbone property both Saturday and Sunday. Rides included Sherando and Whetstone Ridge. After riding and partying, camping and bonfires were available near the brewery.

We sold 100 pint glasses, had 60+ riders on 7 different rides, camped with 50 brave souls, and ate an unconscionable amount of bacon and eggs. We made some new friends from outside the Charlottesville Area, and furthered our advocacy message. Thanks to Travis, Devil’s Backbone, all of our volunteers, and of course all the attendees, we raised $1350 for the trails.