Trail Conditions


I’m sure you’ve received reports already, but just in case… I rode different Sherando loops over past two weekends and here are some notes:
Slacks Trail (uphill/north of White Rock trail intersection) – Mike from SVBC installed several grade reversals. Should help with drainage/ruts. Nice.
Slacks Trail (north/uphill from Overlook spur trail): 12″ dia. tree blowdown
White Rock Trail: Several trees down on the lower section with the 4 drainage crossings 8″ dia. deadfall @ 1st (lowest) stream crossing 15″ dia. deadfall between 3rd & 4th (I think) crossing 8″ dia. blowdown suspended approx 48″ above the trail uphill (I think?) of 4th crossing
Turkey Pen @ lowest stream crossing: 8″ dia tree
Turkey Pen and Torrey are generally clear of briars. Lots of bear activity (overturned rocks) on “lower” Torrey (north of Slacks intersection). There is one tree down on “lower” Torrey, but I can’t remember exact location – will ride there again in the upcoming weekends and report back.