Meeting Notes

April 2014

CAMBC Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2014 (7:00PM – 9:00PM)

Meeting notes for April 21 club board meeting at Sam Linblom’s house.


Sam Linblom (President), Dave Stackhouse (Treasurer), Will Sanford (Officer), Ken Crawford (Secretary), Matt Jones (Board Member), John Lewis (Board Member), Jon Ciambotti (Board Member)

  • First Order of Business:

The board voted to fill the Treasurer vacancy created by the exit of Pam Crawford.  All present voted in David Stackhouse as Treasurer effective immediately.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Deposits
  2. Payables
  3. Balance Account
  4. Reports (Dave indicates current balance ~$21K)
  • Discussion around board member responsibilities and expectations.  Sam iterated that board members have a duty and a responsibility to the club and its activities.  Sam gave members an opportunity to step down or announce their intentions to shirk responsibilities.
  • Unfinished business:
    • Amend bi-laws to expand board members to 9 and notify/file SEC filings.  Ken to reach out to Al Inigo for legal input.
    • We need to author and post a CAMBC Mission/Vision Statement.
      • Jon C. has vision to ride unobstructed from Ragged Mountain to Nature Conservancy land.
    • Sales tax exemption has expired.  Stackhouse to file.
  • John Lewis volunteered to be Civi-CRM operator/owner
  • Statement that MOUs do expire.
  • iMatt:
    • Website hosting has switched to GoDaddy including updated calendar, trail maintenance notifications and RSS feeds.  Summer EPIC series now have some video feeds.
    • eWaiver is mandatory.  If you are over three months without signing eWaiver you are out.
    • Trailwork feed coming


  • Fundraising:
    • Friday After Five
      • One done
      • Second one pending
    • Vampire Weekend
    • Better World Betty/New Belgium
  • Recent joint CAMBC/RTF ride April 12th had 60+ volunteers working on route between Sandridge and Old Ivy.
  • Rides:
    • Rob Eastman to host beginner rides
    • Night Rides at Preddy possible
      • Pick a Wednesday 2nd/4th  of the month
        • Ken to lead and announce
        • No less than 3 windshield passes in the parking lot
          • Coordinate with Amy Smith of ACPR
  • OHill MOU – Waiting for Don Sungrew for email or formal agreement to enable CAMBC to take ownership of trail maintenance without need for prior permission for minor reroutes and chainsaw use up to 18”.
  • Azalea Pump Track – Needs champion.  Possible candidate is Chris Gensick (sp)
    • Could we submit a grant proposal for a pump track at Preddy?
  • Richmonds Pump Track:  (
  • Women’s ride:  With the absence of Carrie Hill Ken will approach Lynn to host the Preddy Women’s Ride.
  • MEMBERS MEETING PROPOSAL (3 summer potluck meetings): May 14 (McIntire) & June 25 (Darden Towe), August 06 (Penn)