Meeting Notes

August 2015

CAMBC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: August 24, 2015, 7:00PM, David Stackhouse’s house


Shawn Tevendale, Dave Stackhouse, Will Sanford, Sam Lindblom, Matt Jones, Kristi Lombard, John Lewis, Ken Crawford (secretary)

(3) Motions voted on

  1. $2000 Preddy Creek Trail maintenance Funds
  2. $1000 Tool Purchase
  3. $500 High School Racing Team Funding


  • Discussed CAMBC blogger/newsletter/
    • Dan Testa prospective candidate. We need to start getting him information to write about.
    • Website has the ability to package up all content into a quarterly newsletter
  • Financial summary
    • Best/healthiest year to date
    • Great CAMBC brand
    • $25,356.99
    • Top of the Hops – Sept 29
    • A few Jerseys are left at Sam’s house
    • Need Chimney Chase check – all proceeds due CAMBC.
  • Discussed Preddy Creek trail maintenance
    • Propose $2K of advanced trail trailwork
    • Motion to spend money on Preddy to do lap around outter loop –
      • Cap at $2K – Brock (Ironwood Outdoor), request county to stage a machine and have Matt assist.
        • Vote: 8 yay, 0 nay.
  • Events: 
    • SM100, September 6
      • Shawn to provide some canopy
      • Aid Station 6-> Challenge – No wrench support,
    • Lockn’, September 10-13
    • New Belgium Clips, September 17
      • We get $1000 to $1200
    • Paranormal, October 17
      • 8-9 miles.
      • Expanded acreage
      • Expanded camping
      • Team Funding -> CAMBC will solicit local bike teams to earn funds
      • Ken takes Point on Paranormal
        • Scope is food, cooking, tent, beverages, set ups, money box, volunteers from general membership to participate
    • IMBA Trail Care Crew, October 17
      • Show up on Thursday, flags trail, group ride,
      • Friday they teach land manager training
        • CAMBC provides breakfast
      • Saturday classroom session up to 60 peeps
        • IMBA has registration site
        • CAMBC provides morning snacks, lunch
        • Trail ends at 5:00, paranormal starts at 4:00.
      • Ken to include Tim Moubray from Orange County Parks and Rec
      • Need volunteers to get food for the weekend, tools, trailer,
    • TAKMB – October 3.
      • West side of McIntire
      • Owner TBD, CAMBC jr. possibilities, Colleen? Chris Hoy?
  • Capital: 
    • Shed acquisition
      • RTF shed needs to move
      • Maybe we move trailer next to RTF shed
      • Gentrification of site lends itself to a safe place for trailer
    • tool purchases
      • Approach Fifth Season for possible tools
      • Motion – Jon approaches 5th seasons for discount for tools
        • Ben
      • Motion: Cap new tool purchase at $1000 – Voted. 6 Yays.
        • Accessibility is key to make tools available to the location that will be using them.
  • Trail projects
    • Ragged Mountain
      • No Bikes” signs are gone.
      • Albemarle County has code that dictates only walking permitted at Ragged. Chris G. needs to have that code rescinded.
      • Land is owned by the city, county land use code specifies hiking only.
    • Preddy grade reversal clean outs – Voted for trail work funds
    • Should CAMBC entertain trail grant writing. Define what grant, when to write and who to write.
    • Action Items: Form a grant writing committee (David, John, Sam). We need a political advocacy committee (Shawn, Sam) to push for trail change.
    • Ohill summer work summary
      • 5-7 work days happened. Hiser great participant. University has shown enthusiasm.
    • Jon C has been going to RTF board meetings. Gave report. City has new park land from 20S, Corey Park/Morris Creek. Desperate need for brush cutter. Meadowcreek Park wants bridges built. RTF workdays have many people show up for trail days.
  • Summer Epic Ride Series – SERS. Drew Duke, Hiser, Matt Jones owns facebook page.
    • Who is going to champion weekday rides.
      • Matt Jones to sponsor Wednesday nite rides (Preddy Creek/Tevendale Farms)
  • Tech Support Issues
    • Watch/observe/report to Matt to feed him write ups to post
    • Should we hire a professional photographer to capture moments. End game is to get a photo archive for mailings and newsletters. $250 to $400.
  • Should CAMBC financially support the local Mountain Bike Teams (Cutaway, CRC/BRC, Monticello High School)?  If so, what are the constraints
    • Sam is Monticello coach.
    • (4) Teams including Miller. Monticello HS, CRC/BRC Jr Team and Cutaway (for profit)
    • Joe Hoskins. Will be a team at CHS
    • Can CAMBC contribute to success of sponsoring local student clubs
    • Shawn explained NICA ( – A set of rules how teams will conduct, training, insurance, officials. Takes MTB from grassroots to something more official. Not cheap. Where does the money come from to make this happen.
    • What is our return for our dollars. Our investment. How does this benefit local mountain biking in Charlottesville. Trail advocacy, trail maintenance, volunteerism, helping out with race events.
    • CAMBC can help them fund raise. How much money do the teams need? CAMBC can teach how to build trails. Help in organizing, help in training.
    • Will voices $500/team for trail building and trail building contract.
    • $231/kid/season registration cost
    • Getting a boys/girl club team is in best interest from CAMBC.
    • Shawn has taken the position that if you put the BRC logo on your jersey for the MTB team he will give $500/team.
    • Should we pursue jr membership level of fee for jr mtb members like $5.00
    • Motion: $500 per team for one year in any area we have an MOU with, 3 hours/team member of trailwork broken into two sessions and CAMBC logo needs to go on jersey. – 100% Yay.
  • Board Vacancies
    • Jon Ciambotti and Kristi Lombard are resigning.
    • Send out email to CAMBC membership soliciting replacements. Can board members stay on until replacements found? Kristi – Yes. Jon – Yes.
    • Potential board member: Morgan Cuthirds – Fortuna founder.
    • Sam says we are too old and we need younger hipsters as board members but doesn’t know any young people.
  • John brought up park repair stations
    • Should we purchase $1000 repair station and place at local parks.
    • Tabling.
  • John brought up idea of collecting strava segments to put together a map.
    • Is there interest. Matt interest. We should put together a strava heat map.