Ride Reports: SERS

SERS: Southern Traverse


This SERS ride took place at the IMBA EPIC Southern Traverse with Jason Hiser, Ted Gayle, David Stackhouse, Josh Wall leading a group of 10. It was truly an EPIC ride. There were multiple flats and a not so good mechanical that required a little work just to make it a single speed but we all worked together and made it happen. A great ride….even with all the stinging nettles, briars, locust tree thorns, occasional tricky rock gardens, and the rain shower that lasted for the last half of the ride (not in the forecast) everyone still (for the most part) had a nice smile at the finish. I liked the comment from Dave “Don’t scratch the nettle marks as they will stop itching in 8 minutes”. That would work except we hit nettle patches about every 7 minutes and 45 seconds! . I was reminded of each scratch when I hopped in the tub when I got home..YEEEEEOOOOUCH!!

Thanks David Wood for the pictures and recap.

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