Video:Bryce Downhill Park

One of our members, Jay Speidell, visited Bryce Resort for a little downhill riding. He came back with some great video. Here is his report:

I went to Byrce around 10am and met another member, Christopher Little, who was riding with his family and some friends. I split off and did about 18 runs. Trail conditions were dry despite recent rain and extremely fast.There are several trails, but after riding them all I did most of my runs on just two.

Brew Thru: The most popular trail, extremely fast and flowy. Lots of jumps and banked turns and plenty of opportunities to pump for speed. Plus an awesome little sidewinder slalom section. Not much pedaling here!

Copperhead: This is my second favorite after Brew Thru. A couple wooden features, but the highlight is after the first drop. A long rollout to build up speed and then a dirt ramp that sends you up the hill, with a couple tight banked turns right after your wheels touch the ground. The drops look intimidating, and the most can be rolled. After the second drop there’s an option to go through a tight, natural downhill trail in the woods.

All trails finish with doubles, a table top, a wall jump, and a wall ride, except Car Bomb, which finishes on a jump trail. The park is easily doable on a hard tail, the trails are smooth as butter. There aren’t any rocks except a 3 yard section of Copperhead.