Share the Trails

The County is receiving an uptick in complaints about some cyclists at Ragged Mtn not yielding to hikers, or passing without slowing down, or otherwise not being considerate of other trail users. They’ve asked us to send out a reminder and help spread the word. So please remember these rules of etiquette:

* Cyclists yield to all other trail users. This means slow down and come to a stop as you approach others, and step to the side of the trail w your bike. In practice I notice hikers will often wave you on while they step to the side. In these cases, pass by slowly, thank them profusely, and wish them a wonderful hike/run.

* There are no horses at Ragged but, if you’re riding Preddy there may be. Always stop and get off the trail when approaching horses. A full stop is needed. Getting off the trail is needed. Talk to the rider and the horse. Take cues from the rider. This is a serious safety concern as some horses can spook at bikes and throw the rider resulting in injury or death.

* Don’t race. Get your PRs on trails where there are no other users. Sure, go fast when you can see the trail is empty. But slow for blind corners, slow when approaching other users, always be prepared to stop.

* Don’t skid tires. If you’re skidding you’re not braking properly and likely to be damaging trails and could scare hikers.

* Don’t cut corners, shorten turns, or create braided trails. Ride the beaten line.

* Don’t ride muddy trails. If you’re on a ride and discover you’re leaving tracks and making ruts turn around, go ride a gravel road or roads around your neighborhood.

* Get a bell and use it when approaching other trail users.

Please remember, there is still a lawsuit between the County and the City over a dispute whether biking should be allowed at Ragged. Complaints about inconsiderate cyclists can negatively influence the outcome should this come to court. Cyclists have an opportunity to be good ambassadors every time they ride. Let’s win friends and influence people positively. Please spread the word. There are a lot of new riders, everyone isn’t on this mailing list. If you see other riders not demonstrating good etiquette please say something. Remind them we are all in this together and every cyclist can and does make a difference.

-Dave Stackhouseon behalf of CAMBC Board of Directors