Toy Lift Bike Build!!!


CAMBC has taken delivery of 190 26″ bicycles, and another 100 20″ kids bikes. We will be over in the Earlysville Business Park assembling all of these bikes in time for pickup this weekend. What kid would not want a bike for Christmas. CAMBC and all of the bicycle donors want to bring joy to kids in need this holiday season.

Thanks to those who have donated! We are still in need of more bikes. If you have a kids’ bike cluttering your bike stable, bring it to the Earlysville Business Park this week.

Wednesday’s build team almost completed the 190 26″ bikes. The remaining 100 20″ bikes will arrive tomorrow. Come on out and help get bikes to these kids. It is a great time.

Thursday’s bike build team finished the 100 20″ kids bikes, and tuned up a few leftover bikes from the previous year. So far, 320 bikes are ready for homes. Shawn is sourcing another 150 bikes to try to get as many bikes as possible into the hands of the 500+ kids that asked for them. Stay tuned!