Meeting Notes

November 2014

CAMBC Board Meeting

November 25, 2014


Sam Lindblom via phone

Dave Stackhouse

Jon Ciambotti

John Lewis

Kristi Lombard

Will Sanford

Matt Jones

Ken Crawford (tardy)


Shawn Tevendale

Financial Update by Dave Stackhouse


22,851 in bank account

after recently paid 3645 for 50% of the jersey deposit to Cutaway

received $750 from MJH for Jersey Sponsor

Still need $750 from Blue Ridge Cyclery and the Great Outdoors Provision Co.

Expecting a balance of around 26000 after jersey sale is complete.


Recent outgoing money includes

$500 to Rob Eastman for training to lead beginner rides

$500 to RTF to help defray the cost of stolen tools


Fund raising

2014 = $6828

$1035 – New Belgium Clips and Beer with Betty World Betty

$591 – Lockn

$500 – (plus 500 for the 2013) Shenandoah Mt 100

$1708 – Pavillion Beer Pouring

$405 – food sales (for example Scud Fries and the Paranormal)


91 Jerseys sold !!

30ish extra jerseys for sale at BRC only. no online sales. We can order a minimum of 6 at a time from Cutaway


119 paid members!!

2014 Awards

Rob Eastman – Beginner Ride leader of the Year for leading the beginner rides (sorry but no physical award because we just gave him a big boy saw)


Jason Hisor – Ride Leader of the Year.  SERS and Tuesday Supersecret Rides – give new CAMBC jersey for free. XXXL other than Burnt Orange


Alex Kurland – Trail Worker of the Year – lead all CAMBC member with 28 hours of trail work – gets Silky Big Boy saw


Chris Hoy – Trail Volunteer of the Year –  United Way day of Caring trailwork, Lockin leader, SM100 Aid Station 2/6 Captain.  Give new CAMBC jersey for free


Board agreed to schedule a date for a CAMBC membership gathering, pot luck, and awards ceremony this winter, perhaps in conjunction with Sam’s winter RTF event.


Trailer Purchase


CAMBC trailer to be purchased from Will Sanford valued at 1800.  Will Sanford abstained in the voting.  Paid in full 111-25-2104. David Stackhouse to register the trailer with DMV.

Tool Shed

CAMBC to put tool shed next to RTF tool shed next to city gardens behind Bodos on the RTF

Will Sanford will look into moving current tool shed from Walnut Creek

Dave Stackhouse will look into a new shed and size necessary for all tools

$4000 cap on purchase of tool shed approved by board

Ragged Mt Update

  • Kudos for everyone who came out or wrote in support of multi use trails at Ragged
  • Land owner on south side of 64 tunnel said “not interested at this time”.  Board agrees extending to south of 64 will take much longer to resolve, and should not be our top priority at this time.
  • Board agreed our focus and energy should be on creating a variety of sustainable, multi-use trails in the existing Ragged Mountain park area.
  • CAMBC to initiate a meeting with Chris Gensic to review trail plan.
    • Important to get immediate input on trail(s) placement and intended use.
    • Desire to create several different trails options in the park

Pump Track Update

  • Chris Little in contact with Lee McCormick from Boulder re. pump track designs and quotes.  Chris is waiting for the City to formalize location to scout and give details to Lee.  Lee will provide quotes for several options (just a plan, a plan and his guidance on-site, turnkey).
  • Board agreed role CAMBC can play is to back up Chris to provide site assessment, volunteers, possible funding and coordination with City.
  • John Lewis will contact Chris to re-iterate our support.


Respectfully submitted


Jon Ciambotti