We’re Home Owners!!!

CAMBC outgrew our trusty little tool trailer. We’ve bought an enormous shed to store our tools, house a workbench, and store all the gear we use for area riding events. We even have some awesome neighbors! The Rivanna Trail Foundation’s tool shed is right next door, so we can easily gear up for joint RTF/CAMBC trail work days.

This new shed will help us keep our gear organized and in top condition. It will help us grow our tool inventory as our local trail networks expand, including larger tools like wheelbarrows. It will eventually serve as a great meeting spot for club events, like bike wrenching workshops. The best part is that there is no more crawling around trying to find what you need to build trail. Gone are the days of near decapitation by falling McCleods while trying to grab an ancient Gatorade from the cooler. No more finding folding saws in the box of pancake mix.

On behalf of the Board and CAMBC’s other regular trail workers, thank you for your contribution to the club. This is your membership dollars, volunteer hours, and other donations at work! Shed