Meeting Notes

Feb 2005

Notes from February 1, 2005 CAMBC Club Meeting
At C’ville Coffee, 7:00 PM
Summary of Accomplishments
In 2004, CAMBC
• Led 9 days of trail work at Walnut Creek Park
• Led 1 day of trail work at Sherando
• Participated in several days of trail work sponsored by SMBC.
• Led the Wednesday Night Ride 28 times
• Led 3 junior rides
• Promoted the 1st annual Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
• Led 11 women’s rides (mostly mountain bike, 1 or 2 on the road)
• Held 2 club meetings
• Led 2 beginner rides
• Led 9 Sunday Social Rides (note: these were not started until August!)
• Promoted the 2nd Annual Wild Ride at Sherando
• Participated in ongoing discussion with wilderness advocates regarding land
protection in the George Washington National Forest (attended 3 meetings)
• Planned and Hosted 4 days of non-stop events for the IMBA Trail Care Crew
• Led more than 10 long rides in the George Washington National Forest
• Led several local hikes and road rides.
Financial State of the Union
• 61 current members.
• We’ve had 88 total members at one point or another.
• Incoming: $215 in donations, $167 family memberships, $0.35 interest, $423
individual memberships.
• Outgoing: $108 insurance, $158 web registration/hosting, $37 pre-IMBA visit,
$30 IMBA membership, $254 social events like Wild Ride and IMBA visit
• Net: +$212.
• In the bank: $606
List of Attendees:
• At the end of this document.
Next Meeting:
• Tuesday, April 19, 2005 at 7:00 PM at Anna’s Pizza
What we want to do in 2005 (brainstormed by Attendees):
• Women’s rides
• Wild Ride
• Beginner rides
• Inter-club rides (CAMBC and SMBC, MORE, Lynchburg)
• Trail maintenance event in conjunction with Wild Ride
• Memorial Day Pisgah Mt Biking Trip
• Douthat Weekend Trip
• Trail Maintenance (WCP, GWNF, Joint with SMBC).
Subcommittee Work
To increase member participation in the coordination of club activities and diversify club
responsibilities, but to minimize meeting time involving everyone, we split up club
activities into various subcommittee tasks and those who volunteered will handle them.
Subcommittees will work “offline” (not at major club meetings) to make progress on
their respective tasks. They can work using email, phone, in-person meetings—whatever
they prefer. If they have any questions or need guidance at any time, they should feel
free to ask for help. Subcommittees should report back to the club at the next meeting or
they can report to the club at any time until then. In the meantime,
please also keep acting, informal board members apprised of progress and major issues
(Sue George, Mike Smoot, Will Sanford, Richard Shelley, Matthew Wikswo). If any
dates are decided for events, rides, etc. please let Sue George know so those dates can get
put on the web calendar asap. If any general info needs to go on the website, let Mike
Smoot know so he can put it up. If you are communicating with the County, please keep
Will Sanford (if not the entire “board”) in the loop since he is our primary county liaison,
and our relationship with the County is very important. Now, in no particular order…
1. WCP Trail Maintenance – Led by Will Sanford with members Ted Gayle, Craig
Spears, and Jerry Matthews. Will is looking for crew leaders to help at trail days
or to work on their own. Goals: recruit/train new leaders, determine maintenance
schedule for 2005 for the calendar. Get on county-wide trail maintenance listserve
(Mike Smoot).
2. WCP Trail Closure– Led by Mike Hurley. Other members: Will Sanford. Goals:
Develop written guidelines for the County on when to close WCP trails due to
weather or trail conditions. This may include closing some sections or the entire
park. What, when, and how is up to the subcommittee. The county has asked us
to do this and will provide a phone hotline plus someone to update a sign at the
park during weekdays. (Note: Leader should also contact Eric, a colleague of
Jay’s who lives near the park and expressed interest in this subcommittee at the
TCC visit and ask Sue George to forward some related info that might help).
3. 810 Park Liaison– Led by Al Inigo. Goals: Continue to develop CAMBC
relationship with the county and find out/stay on top of county (legal/public)
process for developing the new park and deciding uses for it so that mountain
bikers do not get left out. (Talk to Will Sanford to get contact info).
4. O’hill Liaison– Led by Jay Dicharry. Goals: establish formal POC with UVA
and UVA mountain bike club; look into issue of new road that will connect to
Fontaine and take away O’hill trails; look into issue of new Discovery center
parking area to happen up top; try to get some trail maintenance going there,
ideally with the UVA mt bike club. UVA Mt bike club liaison is Drew
5. Sherando Trail Maintenance– Led by Matthew Wikswo. Goal: Set up a spring
work day at Sherando to keep the CAMBC volunteer agreement alive.
6. Greenways Representation– Led by Clint and LoriAnne Barnett. Goals:
Establish CAMBC as a legitimate member of the Albemarle Greenways group.
Attend meetings and offer input to further the interests of mountain bikers.
Report back to club members on new developments, issues, etc. Use this
connection to try to develop our relationship with the RTF group. Note: Contact
Dan Mahon, Albemarle county person who invited CAMBC to join the
Greenways group.
7. Tools Acquisition – Led by Will Sanford, Mike Smoot, and Dave Wotton. At this
meeting, the club authorized an expenditure of $150 on new trail maintenance
tools. Goals: Draw up a budget for new tools (including making calls to find out
if we can get some “deals”), get permission to purchase, then acquire. Notes:
budget may be for amount greater than $150 because some members suggested
they might donate a tool to the club if they know what we need. If greater than
$150, prioritize order for acquisition. Club may allocate more money in the
future for tools acquisition.
8. Memorial Day Pisgah Weekend – Led by Ted Gayle. Goals: coordinate CAMBC
member involvement in a weekend of riding in Pisgah National Forest. Publicize
opportunity and coordinate interested parties.
9. Fall Foliage Ride– Led by Craig Spears and Ted Gayle. Goals: Communicate
with Festival organizer about ride leaders needs. Decide whether to commit
CAMBC and recruit ride leaders as appropriate. Get festival contact info from
Matthew Wikswo.
10. Grants– Led by Sue George with members Ted Gayle and Clint Barnett. Look
into grant options such as Kona Free ride grant, REI Toolkit, RTF grants with
County or other non-profits. MORE and SMBC might know more. Find out
those for which we are eligible and when to apply. Recruit help to write them as
needed once identified.
11. Women’s Ride– Led by Michele Co with help from Erin Johnston, Megan Ross,
and Sue George. Goals: establish women’s ride schedule and leaders and
publicize. Note: Erin will focus on inter-club women’s rides.
12. Beginner Ride– Led by Michele Co, Brent VanDevender, and Ted Gayle. Goals:
establish beginner ride schedule with ride leaders for each and publicize. Note:
Beginner rides may be as short as 2-3 miles depending on who shows up.
Recommended target: a minimum of 1x per month (with optional rain date?).
13. Sunday Social Ride– Led by Craig Spear with help from Jason Hiser. Goals:
Establish Sunday social ride schedule and leaders and publicize.
14. WNR– Led by Sue George. Goals: continue leading regular night rides.
15. Wild Ride– Led by interim leader, Matthew Wikswo. Not much to do yet
because the event isn’t until September. Goals: Identify candidate dates and look
into pavilion availability. See if Marty Quinn would like to lead or co-lead this
again. Look into tying in a work day as part of a Wild Ride weekend.
16. TAKMB– To be established at future meetings. Not until October.
17. Sponsorship Planning – Led by Matthew Wikswo with members Will Sanford.
Goals: Develop sponsorship plan and materials for recruiting sponsors for
CAMBC and present to club for decision on when/if to implement and to sign up
volunteers to input.
18. Club Governing Structure – Led by TBD with input from Michele Co, Julie
Jackson (if she’s available and interested), Sue George. Goals: Look into what if
any formal options we might want to pursue for more formal club governing
structure. What do other clubs do? Is IMBA still pursuing options to help with
this? Keep bureaucracy low so it does not detract from all the good things we are
doing. Look back at what Andrea Laue was doing a year and a half ago. Brent
VanDevender suggested maybe even just formalizing an overall club policy and
19. Club Stickers – Led by Erin Johnston (with input from Clint Barnett). Goals:
look into getting us some CAMBC club stickers (cost, etc.). Note: Erin, please
also ask Sue George about club business cards (like Nittany Valley Mt Bike Club
20. T-shirts – Led by Clint Barnett (with input from Erin Johnston). Goals: look into
getting us some CAMBC club t-shirts (costs, gauge club interest, other details,
etc.). Hold on actually getting t-shirts until sponsorship subcommittee is further
21. GWNF Protection – Led by Sue George. Goals: continue work with pro-
Wilderness advocates, SMBC, IMBA, and others toward land protection
agreement. Write MOU for user groups involved so far.
22. VA State MTB Association – Forgot to mention this at meeting, but led by Sue
George and Mike Smoot. Goals: Attend upcoming meeting to talk about forming
a state-wide mountain bike association. Report back to club. Represent
CAMBC’s interests.
Other To Do
• Trail Maintenance
o Add safety info for trail maintenance crew leaders to CAMBC website.
Will Sanford to provide info to Mike Smoot.
o If anyone wants to volunteer to do work at WCP during non-official trail
days, please talk to Will Sanford. He is maintaining a list of projects that
need attention at WCP.
• Trail Usage
o Add info about the dam at WCP. Sue George to provide to Mike Smoot
• There is a copy of the IMBA Trailbuilding Book in the Tool shed. It is available
for CAMBC members to borrow. Several other members have a copy they are
willing to loan. Contact: Will Sanford
• Reminder: All club members are encouraged to use the CAMBC list-serve at any
time to announce rides or related events.
• We have club liability insurance due to our IMBA affiliation. This is in effect
whenever we lead a publicized CAMBC club ride. The insurance protects ride
leaders, club members, club leaders, etc. Publicized rides include those
announced by list-serve and flyers. The insurance does not cover any rides or
events for which participants must pay to enter (for example: a race put on by
CAMBC or if we were to charge money to do the Wild Ride).
Attendee List
Name Email Phone
Matthew Wikswo 434-975-1910
Ted Gayle 540-456-7338
Linda Vargas 434-295-6588
Mike Hurley 434-249-3367
Erin Johnston 434-962-8838
Jay Dicharry 434-977-3205
Eric Anderson 434-466-1189
Brent VanDevender 434-296-8759
Jason Hiser 434-220-6974
Michele Co 434-296-4599
Craig Spear None 434-249-6450
Will Sanford 434-923-2071
Mike Smoot 434-296-7283
Dave Wotton 434-295-8848
Clint Barnett 434-249-6018
Sue George 434-975-1910
Al Inigo* 434-296-7811
Megan Ross* 571-215-9031
Jerry Matthews* 434-973-9408
Matt Day* 434-242-4405
Rich Shelley* 434-295-8315
* Unable to attend meeting but interested in helping. If your subcommittee needs more
personpower, consider asking these folks.

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