Meeting Notes

May 2004

CAMBC Club Meeting Notes and Action Items
Walnut Creek Park
May 25, 2004 at 6:30 PM
This document contains notes and action items from the CAMBC meeting. A list of
attendees is at the end of this document—feel free to contact each other. If you see a
TBD on an action item, feel free to volunteer. If you see your name on an action item, it
is assumed you will work on it unless club leaders are otherwise notified. Tentative next
meeting: August 2004. Exact date and time TBD.

· Sue George led introductions and a recap of year #1 of the club. Thanks were
extended to Mike Smoot, Rich Shelley, Will Sanford, Matthew Wikswo, Scott
Smith for their considerable volunteer efforts with the club the first year.
· We had 31 individuals and 14 family members in our first year. Mike Smoot has
been tracking membership so far and estimates 50-55 total people as members.
· Club membership sign- up via Paypal on website was mentioned.
· Many renewals are coming due soon. Membership retention is very important.
Mike noted that other local clubs have trouble with this as he learned at recent VA
IMBA summit. Sue to revise membership form and renewal effort to be led by
Trail Work – WCP
· Will Sanford taking over from Rich Shelley and Mike Smoot in leading WCP
monthly trail work days.
· Will awarded Albemarle County seasonal park passes to folks who attended 3 or
more trail work sessions at WCP.
· Bridge over far end of lake not likely to happen due to cost ($20K estimate).
Other option is right-of-way walk-around, but county would prefer not to do this
due to former issues with Graves family during building of dam and park.
· 114 hr of volunteer hours put in 2003.
· 194 hr of volunteer hours put in 2004 so far (only 6 mo done).
· IMBA TCC visit coming December 2-5, 2004. Sue coordinating for now and
looking for club members who want to help plan the visit.
· The county is looking at policies for closing WCP in response to wet conditions.
They are looking for suggested guidelines from CAMBC.
Trail Work – Sherando
· Matthew Wikswo has talked to new ranger at GWNF Pedlar district. He is very
interested in CAMBC involvement in maintenance (previous efforts to work with
old ranger were met mostly with indifference). Candidate dates for an upcoming
trail day were discussed and June 12 is best choice for now. Matthew to
coordinate further. They will provide projects and expertise—we provide labor.
· SMBC and Waynesboro clubs have been notified.
· It was suggested we also involve Tidewater and Richmond clubs.
Event Announcements
· Giro D’Ville – May 28-31, 2004. See Mike Hurley or Matt Day for flyers or
more info.
· Kid’s triathlon at WCP coming in August 2004. See Scott Smith for more info or
to volunteer.
· Website constantly evolving. Redesign (artistic) in the works by Mike and Rusty
· New content (articles, write-ups, pictures) from members always welcome.
· 100K is target size for submitted pictures.
· New events for calendar always welcome.
· Mike and Sue maintaining for now.
· Club logo selected and ready for implementation.
Advocacy Update
· Wilderness/National Scenic Area – Sue George to attend next meeting of local mt
bike leaders on protecting GWNF on June 3rd. So far, progress is slow but steady.
Main overall goal of joint wilderness/mountain bike leaders is to protect areas in
GWNF. Sherando will likely get written in as National Scenic Area instead of
Wilderness. Goals: Maximize protection and preserve existing trail
· VA IMBA Summit – Mike Smoot summarized briefly. He has notes to share
with anyone interested. He attended May 1, 2004.
· IMBA National Summit – to be attended by Sue George in early June 2004.
Financial Report
· Mike Smoot keeping financial records.
· Earned $708 in year #1. Two-thirds of that from dues. Rest from donations.
· Spent money on IMBA affiliation, club insurance, and web hosting. $420
· Upcoming expenses: renew insurance and IMBA affiliation plus regular web
· See Mike for detailed financial report.
· Women’s rides led bi-monthly by Sue George and Shannon Carlin
· Beginner rides led by Chris Smead – 1st one rained out. Next one coming next
· WNR’s led weekly by Sue George and crew.
· Junior Rides led monthly by Scott Smith and Richard Shelley.
· All members of club encouraged to use list-serve to announce rides and recruit
folks to come along. State time, location, ride level, description, and other
pertinent info.
· Wild Ride- held in fall of 2003. Postponed due to Isabel but otherwise a success.
Direction for Year #2
· Newsletter – all agreed it would be nice to have a newsletter. Erin Johnston
shared her experience as editor of SMBC newsletter which is print format.
General consensus seemed to be electronic version would be better/easier/cheaper
for now. Volunteers: Matthew Wikswo, Mike Smoot, Erin Johnston, Chris
Smead, Will Sanford, Sue George.
· Free-riding – the need for local free-riding opportunities was recognized. Jeff
Elmore, Matt Day, and ? to brainstorm ideas and work with Will Sandford to talk
to Amy Smith at Albemarle about options.
· Wild Ride II – All agreed this should happen again this fall. Erin Johnston
nominated Marty Quinn to coordinate if he’ll accept. Chris Smead volunteered to
coordinate, too. Sue to help pick dates. Need to invite Richmond and Tidewater
clubs and invite EVMA.
· Develop more riding options locally
o Northpointe Development by Great Eastern Co would require large
amounts of green space (40%). Will Sanford mentioned as future trails
o Preddy Creek – owned by Albemarle. Trails already out there and in use.
No formal facilities. Need to check out.
o RWMA – Area half-way between here and Culpepper open to hunting,
riding, etc. Lots of fireroads/jeep trails for riding. Other options TBD.
o Forest Lakes Homeowner Assn – Will Sanford commented that local
association might be talked into doing some mt bike trails, but access to
non-home-owners might be an issue.
o Chris Greene – owned by Albemarle. Not likely any time soon.
o Rivanna Trail – mountain bikes not actively promoted users, but local
folks do ride as well as do trail work.
o Mint Springs – not much known. Will Sanford knows guy there involved
in Crozet trail work group who might be able to input.
· Fundraising – The club may want to focus on more fund-raising to expand
potential to do things.
o Need some club flyers first (Rich Shelley to work on).
o Tell potential sponsors their funds can go to following such things
(brainstormed): new tools (new BOB trailer, new Pulaskis, new
McClouds); signs advertising club in general or club maintenance of local
trails; website maintenance; newsletter development/printing; names on tshirts;
supporting maintenance of local trails; funding CAMBC’s effort to
incorporate and go non-profit; club volunteer rewards (such as pocket
chainsaws, incentives for volunteers); dingo purchase; contribution to
related national bodies such as IMBA; Events like Wild Ride. (Note: nonprofit
application alone costs $500 fee (approx).)
o Potential sponsors (brainstormed): BRMS, Lexis Nexis (grant
application), Jon Sheffield (dad might help with T’s), Zazus, Qdoba,
Atomic Burrito, Guadalajara, Guaranty, The Nook, Matt Murray’s law
firm, High Tee, The Bookseller, 91.9, Ivy Inn, Power and Hearth, local
vineyards, Starr Hill, TNN printing, Wintergreen.
o Matt Day pointed out that if we offer different levels of sponsorship, it
would be best to make sure we offer same level to all local shops so as to
avoid any formal shop bias by CAMBC. Each shop should get same
opportunity to support club on ongoing basis.
o Go after grants (may not be feasible until CAMBC is non-profit).
o May need to appoint volunteer fundraising committee.
· WNR access to WCP – some progress on this front. More info to be passed to
county. Might be able to do with special use permit and specific guidelines.
· T-shirts, socks, etc. – this would be fun to do and would help share club spirit.
Anyone welcome to take this on as project. We could incorporate new club logo
and/or sponsor logos.
· Other: Business cards, get publicity in local magazines
Action Items
· Sue George to revise membership form and get to Mike Smoot to get posted on
· Mike Smoot to notify members to renew.
· Matthew Wikswo to talk to GWNF re: June 12 Sherando workday and then send
out notices ASAP to all regional clubs.
· Mike Smoot (with Rusty) to continue work on website redesign.
· Will Sanford to continue work on WCP trail maintenance.
· Will Sanford to discuss possibility of discounts for entrance to WCP for CAMBC
members. Costs have been noted to be expensive by local and regional mountain
bikers, and this could be incentive to join club.
· Matt Day to check with Drew Sanderford about any progress by UVA mt bike
club on getting trails built at Kluge property.
· Jeff Elmore and Matt Day to lead effort to brainstorm local free-riding
opportunities and figure out how to get implemented at WCP.
· TBD to lead exploratory ride at Preddy Creek.
· TBD to lead exploratory ride at RWMA.
· Sue George to advise on Wild Ride date candidates for Fall 2004.
· Marty Quinn and/or Chris Smead to plan Wild Ride 2004.
· Will Sanford to contact Jeff Klamen ( re: Crozet trail work group
and access to Mint Springs.
· Sue George and Will Sanford to work on night riding access to WCP for WNR.
· Sue George to contact RTF about joint opportunities of clubs.
· TBD – send out thanks to folks who have donated tools or $ to CAMBC.
· TBD – initiate newsletter committee from volunteers (mentioned in “notes”
section above).
· Richard Shelley to work on CAMBC flyers. (get latest logo from Mike Smoot)
Name Email Phone Member
Sue George 975-1910 Y
Matt Day 242-4405 Y
Matthew Wikswo 975-1910 Y
Jerry Matthews 973-9408 Y
Jeffrey Elmore 409-0023 N
Mike Hurley 249-3367 Y
Erin Johnston 962-8838 Y
Jon Thornburg 989-1152 Y
Jace Fogle 825-4967 Y
David Wotton 298-8848 Y
Mike Smoot 296-7783 Y
Will Sanford 973-2071 Y

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