Meeting Notes

February 2006

Notes from February 21, 2006 CAMBC Club Meeting


At Anna’s Pizza, 7:00 p.m.


Next Meeting:            Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 7:00 p.m. @ Anna’s Pizza


Attendee List: Board Members in attendance: Michele Co (Secretary), Ted Gayle (Treasurer), Will Sanford. See end of document for full list of attendees.




  • Thank you to everyone who is contributing to the growth of the club. We accomplished a lot in 2005 and look forward to making more progress in 2006.
  • A special thank you goes to those who purchased memberships at higher than the basic level and to those who have made anonymous donations for trail tools.


  • See something listed you want to help out with in some way? Have ideas you want to suggest?




  • UVA Mountain Bike Club is planning the O-Hill Meltdown for Saturday, April 15, 2006. They need volunteers. If interested, please contact Page Hufty. Volunteered at the meeting: Chris Brena,


Michele Co, Mary Jane Strickland, Francis Schmit, Will Sanford.


2005 Highlights of Accomplishments:


  • Won a $500 Grant sponsored by IMBA and Clif Bar to build a new informational kiosk at the Walnut Creek Park trailhead.
  • Hosted 3rd Annual Wild Ride (lead organizers: Marty Quinn, Jace Fogle) and 2nd Annual Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day (lead organizers: Ted Gayle, Michele Co, Sue George)
  • 2 members received chainsaw certification


  • Attended national and state advocacy events such as the 24 Hours of Washington, DC lobbying day, meetings about Virginia’s Outdoor Recreation Plan, and Virginia Greenways Conference in Richmond, VA.
  • For full list of accomplishments see


Financial State of the Union:


  • Club account currently has $1300 ($500 for IMBA/Clif Bar supported kiosk at Walnut Creek Park)




  • 45 current members, 61 non-current members (memberships expired). Renewal notices going out this month.


  • 3 new members signed up at club meeting. Welcome to Jeff Elmore, Kristin Link-Ullrich, and Bill Ullrich.


















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Planning and Subcommittees for 2006 Events


Subcommittees were formed for the following at the meeting:


Event Committee Leader Additional Volunteers
Women’s Rides Carey Hill Sue George, Kathleen
Herndon , Michele Co
Sunday Social Rides Craig Spear Jason Hiser, Clint Barnett
Beginner Rides Jason Hiser Clint Barnett, Keith Payne,
Bill Ullrich
WNR Sue George Jason Hiser
Overnight club camping trip at Mary Jane Strickland,
Sherando Matthew Wikswo
TAKMBD Clint Barnett, Bill Ullrich
Wild Ride TBD TBD
Memorial Day at Pisgah Ted Gayle
Annual May CAMBC cook-out Will Sanford
Fall Foliage Festival Craig Spear, Ted Gayle Mary Jane Strickland


Summary of ideas from members suggested at the meeting:


  • Donation box. Suggested that a donation box be constructed and brought to group rides, possibly longer group rides if it doesn’t make sense for some rides.
  • Club Gear. There is an interest in getting more visibility for CAMBC especially at trailwork days. Ideas suggested were t-shirts or banner. Clint Barnett has been looking into stickers for the club. See table below for summary of information (given by Clint via email after the meeting). Clint has volunteered to lay out the initial cash if necessary to purchase the stickers as long as CAMBC can reimburse him the cost. (Profit would go to CAMBC). He recommends SOS, because:

o  Their stickers are bigger, and people will have a better chance of seeing what the sticker says.

o SOS can use the format of the CAMBC logo the way it is (JPEG). Blue Ridge wanted a different format from JPEG.


o  Most of the people at SOS are mountain bikers, members of the SMBC.

o  CAMBC can make an additional $35 by purchasing from SOS, due to the cheaper price.


Sticker Min. Unit Total Potential
Organization Location Specs. for Breakeven
Dimensions Order Price Min. Profit
Blue Ridge White 125 $1.63 41 stickers
Charlottesville 3” x 4.5” $203.75 sold @ $421.25
Graphics one pieces each $5.00 each
White 125 $1.35 34 stickers
SOS stock,
Harrisonburg 3” x 6” $168.75 sold @ $456.25
one pieces each $5.00 each








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  • Publicizing Regular Rides and TAKMBD. Several people suggested publishing notices of our regular rides and Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day in various free publications/websites including (not limited to) Computers4Kids, local schools, C’ville and online community calendars.


  • Douthat group ride. Idea for a Douthat group ride/weekend suggested. St. Patrick’s Day? April Fools’ weekend?
  • Take a Parent Mountain Biking. Family-oriented ride idea.


  • Take a Dog Mountain Biking. Dog-friendly ride idea.


Status Updates


  1. IMBA/Clif Bar Grant. Will Sanford reported that money has been received. CAMBC plans on giving money to Albemarle County who will perform the building of the kiosk with matching funds. Albemarle County is currently in the process of soliciting bids for the work.


  1. CAMBC Brochure. Jay Dicharry designed brochure passed around for members to review. Some comments/suggestions for changes have been gathered. Those in attendance liked the design, had some text revisions.


  1. Bylaws & Incorporation. Julie Jackson updated the club. CAMBC now has established bylaws and articles of incorporation and will be filing for incorporation soon. Eventually, the club may try to file the official 501(C)(3) paperwork (Form 1023). Julie says that if the club has less than $5000 annual gross receipts, we do not need to file the paperwork and we are automatically exempt if we meet the 501(C)(3) requirements.


  1. Advertising. Will and Ted reported that CAMBC now has sold 2 advertising spots on the club website to C’ville Bike & Tri and Bike Factory. These ads are now posted on the website. Please thank these shops for their support of CAMBC when you go in to visit them. Other local shops, Blue Wheel Bicycles, Performance, and Basic Cycles (now out of business) were also approached.


  1. Trail Work. Will reported that the club has purchased 2 sets of chainsaw safety gear and first aid kit with the revenue from advertising. An anonymous donation has also been given to purchase a McLeod tool. An Eagle Scout troop will be doing a reroute of Wilkens Way at Walnut Creek Park. More trailwork days will be announced soon. REMINDER: If you volunteer for 3 trailwork days, you receive a free pass to Walnut Creek Park


  1. 810 Byrom Park. Will and Al Inigo (via email) reported that the Byrom Park project is still held up by lack of an entrance area that complies with VDOT visibility requirements. Negotiations with Byrom family and adjacent landowners has begun.


  1. Freeride Area in Walnut Creek Park. Will mentioned that there is some interest in developing a freeride area in WCP. Jeff Elmore expressed interest in pursuing/getting involved with this.


  1. Fundraising for 2006


  • Work UVA Race as volunteers in exchange for donation. Will talked with Page about the possibility of a donation in exchange for CAMBC volunteers at the 2006 O-Hill Meltdown. Page agreed.
  • Leading ride for UVA Outdoor Social Club in exchange for donation was suggested, but no outcome decided.


  • Club stickers. Clint Barnett re-raised the stickers idea. See previous summary under Club Gear idea.




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Name Volunteered for Subcommittee
Clint Barnett Sunday Social Ride, Beginner Rides,
TAKMBD, club stickers
Lorianne Barnett
Chris Brena UVA race volunteer
Michele Co Women’s Rides, UVA race volunteer
Jeffrey Elmore Freeride (new member)
Ted Gayle NC Memorial Day trip
Kathleen Herndon Women’s Ride
Carey Hill Women’s Ride
Jason Hiser Sunday Social Ride, Beginner Rides, WNR
Page Hufty UVA Race Coordinator
Julie Jackson
Mary Jane Strickland Sherando Camp Out, TAKMBD, Fall Foliage
Ride, UVA race volunteer
Kristin Link-Ullrich (new member)
Jamie Payne
Keith Payne Beginner Rides
Lisa Romano
Will Sanford UVA race volunteer
Francis Schmit UVA Race volunteer
Bill Ullrich Beginner Rides, TAKMBD (new member)


Members not in attendance who volunteered or were volunteered for activities:


Name Subcommittee/Activity
Sue George Women’s Rides
Craig Spear Sunday Social, Fall Foliage Festival
Matthew Wikswo Sherando Camp Out



























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