Meeting Notes

April 2006

Notes from April 11, 2006 CAMBC Club Meeting


At Anna’s Pizza, 7:00 p.m.


Next Meeting:            (Tentative) Tuesday, June 20, 2006, 7:00 p.m. @ Anna’s Pizza


Attendees: Board Members in attendance: Sue George (President), Matthew Wikswo, Michele Co (Secretary), Ted Gayle (Treasurer), Will Sanford. See end of document for full list of attendees.


General Announcements:


  1. CAMBC has recently incorporated. CAMBC was started in summer 2003 and has grown to the point where we have gone through the incorporation process with the VA State Corporation Commission (March, 2006). Our next step is to file for non-profit status with the IRS (aka 501(C)(3) designation). Are there any members with experience in this area who are willing to help in some capacity?
  1. Central VA Mountain Bike Club (Lynchburg) recently contacted CAMBC and let us know that CAMBC is being used as an example to help get their club going.
  • They have suggested an interclub ride at Whetstone Ridge. The ride is approximately 11-12 miles of singletrack with some road miles to connect. Dates are in the planning.


  1. News/Announcements from VA IMBA State Representative, Chris Scott:


  • May 6-7, 2006: Weekend at Douthat State Park


  1. Saturday, May 6: brushing party/trailwork
  2. Sunday, May 7: formal group ride


  • Memorial Day weekend: VA Mountain Bike festival


  1. This festival will be a fundraiser for the proposed statewide VA Mountain Bike Association. To be held in the Stokesville area.
  2. Registration is already open and is being handled through the IMBA website (


  1. General Reminder: Everyone should feel free to use the listserve (email address: for posting rides.
  1. We need volunteers! If you want to learn more or help with any of the items listed in the meeting notes (or if you have other ideas you’d like to suggest), please contact us! ( or for the CAMBC Board:


Financial State of the Union and Membership:


  • Club account currently has a total of $1856 ($500 is for IMBA/Clif Bar Grant for building a better kiosk at Walnut Creek Park. This $500 is earmarked to go to Albemarle County Parks & Recreation Department who will be handling the design and build of the kiosk). Net account total is ~$1356.00.


  • 65 current paid members


Status Updates


  1. Trail Work.
    1. Eagle Scout Project. Will reported that a Boy Scout and his parent organized an Eagle Scout project under Will’s supervision at Walnut Creek Park in March. The troop built a trail reroute near the chimney on Wilkens Way and donated a total of 40 hours of trailwork. Any other groups looking for community service hours, please contact CAMBC at



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  1. Walnut Creek Park. Ted reported that the trails have been looking very good. The last several trailwork days have had spectacular attendance (~20 people each time).


  1. Walnut Creek Park kiosk. CAMBC won a $500 CLIF Bar/IMBA grant last year for improving the kiosks at Walnut Creek Park. Albemarle County Parks and Recreation is handling the planning and contracting of the work for the kiosk and is providing additional funds to support the new kiosk. Will reported the current status:
    1. An elaborate kiosk design has been developed (estimated cost $2000)
    2. Contractor bids were taken and a contractor was selected
    3. There were some delays with the project due to serious health problems for CAMBC’s contact person at the County
    4. There are additional delays due to the unexpected passing away of the selected contractor. It is expected that the contractor’s crew will complete all outstanding projects.


  1. Delfosse Trail at Deer Rock


  1. Ted reported that in March, Nelson County and IMBA Trail Solutions started work on a new trail system near the Delfosse Vineyards in Nelson County. Several CAMBC members were in attendance to help (thank you!!!!).
  2. The trail system will be geared towards off-road cyclists and ATV use (ATV use will be allowed only on scheduled days, once per month). Goal is to have the trail open in early June 2006.
  3. Volunteers still needed from mid-April through June. Weekday and weekend opportunities available. Working alongside the IMBA Trail Solutions Crew is a great way to learn about trail design and trail maintenance. If interested, please contact Ted Gayle (


  1. Lake Sherando Trails. Matthew reported that regular trailwork has been performed here. Some needed work has been suggested in the Slacks Trail area.
  2. Byrom Park (Rte 810/Whitehall area). Sue reported on behalf of Al Inigo who reported via email that Bob Crickenberger from Albemarle County reports that there has been some progress towards identifying a possible access entrance that may pass VDOT approval. This entrance would be on land not currently owned by the County, but is owned by the Byrom family. The next steps are to propose the new entrance location to VDOT for approval. Then, if VDOT approves of the entrance, an agreement with the Byrom family regarding the land in question will be negotiated. This is great progress as the Byrom Park project has been delayed for some time due to the lack of a VDOT-acceptable entrance.
  3. Whetstone Ridge. Marty Quinn, Andy Kinley, and Matt Day have gone out and done a lot of trail clearing on Whetstone Ridge to make it more rideable. Potential group ride with Central VA Mountain Bike Club (Lynchburg) in the planning.


  1. Group Rides


  1. Beginners. Jason reported that the first beginners ride had 5 attendees who all had a great time. Come out and join us!
  2. Women’s. Carey reported that the first ride is on Thursday, April 13, 2006. Come out and join the women for a fun ride!



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  1. Sunday Social Ride. Craig reported that the first Sunday Social Ride is on Sunday, April 16, 2006, 3 p.m., Walnut Creek Park. Ride start times will vary, as will location. General ride start time is 6 p.m.


  1. Blue Ridge School (private venue). Craig reported that CAMBC has negotiated 2 group ride dates at the Blue Ridge School and expects to coordinate some more dates soon. These rides are for paid CAMBC members, we will have membership applications available at these rides if you are not currently a paid member.

Currently planned rides are:

  1. April 30, 2006, 2 p.m.
  2. May 28, 2006, 2 p.m.


  1. Advertising. Matthew reported that CAMBC has now sold advertising spots on the club website to 3 local bike shops, C’ville Bike & Tri, Bike Factory, and Blue Wheel Bicycles. Ad spots have also been sold to Blue Ridge Mountain Sports and to Carey. If anyone wants to advertise, there are a few more spots on the website, please contact Please thank these sponsors for their support of CAMBC when you go in to visit them.


  1. Events Planning


  1. Blue Ridge School Festival. Blue Ridge School has expressed a desire to co-host an event (Festival? Clinic? Other?) We need volunteers to form a committee to brainstorm ideas and coordinate with the Blue Ridge School on the resulting ideas. (We would like to avoid considering a race to avoid any possible conflict with the local cycling clubs that are racing-oriented.) If you have ideas or are interested in participating in such a committee, please contact either Sue George or Craig Spear.


  1. Asheville trip. Ted is organizing a camping/riding trip in the Asheville, NC area for Memorial Day weekend. Camping will be at Bent Creek Park. Please contact Ted if interested in participating.
  2. Fall Foliage Festival. Craig reported that CAMBC has been given full authority to decide the route for this year. This year, Craig would like to ask the festival organizers to compensate CAMBC in some form (perhaps donation or purchase of an advertising spot).
  3. Sherando Camping Trip. Mary Jane reported that she needs some volunteers to help her organize the trip and select some suitable times for the trip. Matthew offered to help with Sherando-related details, Craig volunteered to generally help.
  4. Annual May Cookout. Will reported that there will be a May cookout sometime before Memorial Day to get together to do some group rides and distribute the Walnut Creek Passes earned by those who have regularly attended trailwork.


  1. Fundraising for 2006 and Miscellaneous


  1. Club stickers. Clint reports that stickers should be available in the next two weeks.
  2. CAMBC Brochure. Michele reported that Jay Dicharry has completed brochure text revisions. Next step is to get camera-ready copy and have copies printed.
  3. Business cards. New business CAMBC cards will be printed soon for those who want them to distribute at events.
  4. CAMBC Banner. Keith has volunteered to get a price quote on a banner for CAMBC when he’s given the dimensions and other details.



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First Name Last Name Email
Clint Barnett
Laura Beech
Amy Butler
Mary Carson
Michele Co
Tom Eagleson
Tom Garber
Ted Gayle
Sue George (434-975-1910)
Carey Hill
Jason Hiser
Julie Jackson
Keith Payne
Will Sanford
Craig Spear
Matthew Wikswo
Dave Wotton




































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