Meeting Notes

June 2005

Notes from June 21, 2005 CAMBC Club Meeting

At Anna’s Pizza, 7:00 PM

Next Meeting:

• Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 7:00 PM at Anna’s Pizza


1.CAMBC is pleased to announce $330 anonymous donation to the club, ~ $250 of which has gone to purchase a BOB trailer for upcoming CAMBC work days. Other money will go toward additional tools. Club members may borrow the BOB trailer when not in use for maintenance. Contact: Will Sanford.

2.CAMBC has a new website! Thanks to Mike Smoot for his hard work to put it together!

3.CAMBC members participated in the RFT workday on National Trails Day in June. About 5-7 members attended and worked on various projects.

4.Craig Spears represented CAMBC at the St. Anne’s Belfield Earth day festival this spring. He spread the positive word about mountain biking.

Subcommittee Work – Goals and Updates

1.WCP Trail Maintenance – Led by Will Sanford with members Ted Gayle, Craig Spears, and Jerry Matthews. Next workday is Saturday, July 16th at 10:00 AM. No maintenance July 2nd-4th weekend due to holiday. Other upcoming trail days will be announced by list-serve and by web. The following ideas were suggested for the next workday:

•Clear briars on trail near gatehouse. Clint has a brusher. So does Ted. They will loan or bring.

•Clear trail near lake—it’s overgrown.

2.WCP Trail Closure– Led by Will Sanford. At county request, a plan was drafted and reviewed by several people and the County. No word back from the county on implementation.

3.810 Park Liaison– Led by Al Inigo. Al reported no change in status. The county is still trying to get VDOT permission to create an entrance to the park and parking lot off State Route 810. They are not yet on to formally deciding user group access.

4.O’hill Liaison– Led by Jay Dicharry. No news.

5.Sherando Trail Maintenance– Led by Matthew Wikswo. We identified potential candidates for maintenance: clearing brush off connector between Torry and Mill Creek trails and parts of Lower Torry could use re-benching. Clint Barnett will go scout it out and report back the need. Contact Matthew Wikswo if you see any other needs, and he can set something up with the Forest Service per our volunteer agreement. We’re aiming for a workday sometime in the second half of 2005.

6.Greenways Representation– Led by Clint and LoriAnne Barnett. No news.

7.Tools Acquisition – Led by Will Sanford, Mike Smoot, and Dave Wotton. The committee purchased the additional tools (3 pulaskis) as approved at previous meetings and also just acquired the BOB trail mentioned above.

8.Fall Foliage Ride– Led by Craig Spears and Ted Gayle. Communication is ongoing. CAMBC will support this ride and will soon need to recruit ride leaders. Tentative date: October 15, 2005.

9.Grants– Led by Sue George with members Ted Gayle and Clint Barnett. We identified by declined to submit a free-ride grant this spring due to slowness of response from the County. However, we identified an IMBA/Clif Bar grant due July 1, 2005 that we will propose to. Amount: $500. [Note: grant was submitted since the meeting thanks to Ted Gayle, Matthew Wikswo, and Sue George].

10.Women’s Ride– Led by Michele Co with help from Erin Johnston, Megan Ross, andSue George and others. Women’s rides are ongoing and thriving. Most recent one had 10 women. Stay tuned to website. Thanks to Carey for doing the flyers.

11.Beginner Ride– Led by Michele Co, Brent VanDevender, and Ted Gayle. Beginner rides are ongoing. 3 so far. Great turnout at last one. 15 people total including about 5 real beginners and some advanced beginners.

12.Sunday Social Ride– Led by Craig Spear with help from Jason Hiser. Sunday Social rides are alive and well!

13.Interclub Rides– Led by Michele Co.. First ride was at WCP in early June. 20 people came from Richmond MORE, 6 from CAMBC. Ride was a success. Next one scheduled for June 24, 2005 in Richmond. It will be a joint trail work and ride session. Stay tuned for more upcoming in July.

14.WNR– Led by Sue George. We’ve been doing some fun special event rides lately. 1 Rhododendron ride and 2 Berry Picking Rides!

15.Wild Ride– Led by interim leader, Matthew Wikswo. Jason offered to recruit coordinators. [Note: Since meeting, Jace Fogel and Marty Quinn have volunteered to do so]. Date selected: Saturday, September 17, 2005. Rain date: Saturday, September 24, 2005. Need to reserve shelter soon and get going on flyers.

16.TAKMB– To be established at future meetings. Not until first Saturday in October. We will host again.

17.Sponsorship Planning – Led by Matthew Wikswo with members Will Sanford. Sample web page with sponsor ads completed by Mike Smoot—all technical web issues have been resolved. Schedule of ad fees also drawn up. Matthew and Clint will talk off line about how to go about selling.

18.Club Governing Structure – Led by Sue with input from Michele Co, Julie Jackson. Julie’s been working hard on the draft articles and bylaws thanks to input from Ryan Ketchum of SMBC. Incorporation fee: $75. Then pay $25 annually to renew. We should go ahead and do this. Progress will continue. Consensus on governance reached at meeting: “We need to write very clear bylaws. We need to post them on website. Board should ask for club advisory input/nominees when filling empty position. Any member can be nominated by any member (including self). Board to elect replacement board from nominations. Still need to discuss how-to-removeboard members procedure. Brent offered to provide input based on experience at other area non-profit.”

19.Club Stickers & Business Cards – Led by Clint Barnett. Clint is working on getting us a design and stickers from Blue Ridge Graphics. We will sell for small profit as fundraising for the club.

20.CAMBC Brochure – Led by Sue George and Jay DiCharry Sue working on content. Jay has offered to work some graphic arts magic.

21.GWNF Protection – Led by Sue George. We had another in-person meeting May 24, 2005 to work on draft MOU language. Progress continues slow but steady. No significant news.

22.VA State MTB Association – No News.

23.Membership – Mike Smoot will send out membership reminders at least as often as once after each bimonthly club meeting.

24.Blue Ridge School – Sue George will meet with Blue Ridge School outdoor program folks about possibility of relationship with CAMBC and riding trails there.

25.Scottsville Trails – County invited CAMBC input on possible new beginner trails in/near Scottsville and/or at Totier Park. Dan Mahon contacted Sue George. We are looking for any members who might be interested in serving as a liaison for such a relationship. Club will do what it can but resources are limited. Members suggested we volunteer to help at trail days or give initial input on design, but recognized need to not get overextended. Having a CAMBC contact who lived in the area would be ideal (if one exists and is willing to volunteer). Sue will get back to Dan, but then turn over communication as appropriate to others.

26.Nelson County – County talked to Ted Gayle about upcoming ATV and possible CAMBC involvement in building it as well as using it. More news to follow.

General (including Ongoing) Notes

•Meetings will be conducted on a bi-monthly basis during the mountain bike season. Frequency may be decreased over the winter.

•Members re-affirmed interest in co-hosting or helping to host a racing type event locally, but due to current time of year and other obligations, not until 2006 season.

•Charlottesville Youth Triathlon is happening August 28th and will be promoted by local Tri club. Volunteers are sought.

•Club members who want to try night riding should email the list to ask to borrow lights. Some members have lights they will loan if they can’t make the ride themselves or if they have spares.

•Club members who need to borrow a bike for a beginner or out of town visitor should email the list. Some folks said they have spare bikes they would loan.

•There is a copy of the IMBA Trailbuilding Book in the Tool shed. It is available for CAMBC members to borrow. Several other members have a copy they are willing to loan. Contact: Will Sanford

•Reminder: All club members are encouraged to use the CAMBC list-serve at any time to announce rides or related events.

•We have club liability insurance due to our IMBA affiliation. This is in effect whenever we lead a publicized CAMBC club ride. The insurance protects ride leaders, club members, club leaders, etc. Publicized rides include those

announced by list-serve and flyers. The insurance does not cover any rides or events for which participants must pay to enter (for example: a race put on by CAMBC or if we were to charge money to do the Wild Ride).

Financial State of the Union

•Bank account: $265.75 on hand, but will be ~ $600 when anonymous donation check is deposited. This balance reflects BOB trailer already purchased.

•69 current members.

•19 overdue members, all have been contacted about renewal (as 6/10). Most have moved away.

•Usual expenses ongoing: monthly web hosting.

•Recent Expenses: Rest of $150 allocated for tool money from Feb. meeting. Domain renewal: ~$19 for year. $250 BOB trailer.

•Upcoming expenses known: IMBA club renewal (June), Club Insurance (August)

•Recent Income: Anonymous $330 donation, membership renewals.

•Upcoming income: ongoing Membership Renewals, $500 grant application submitted (odds of winning unknown).

Attendee List

Name Email Phone
Sue George 434-975-1910
Julie Jackson 434-409-8470
Carey Hill 434-984-7439
Jason Hiser 434-220-6974
Michele Co 434-296-4599
Craig Spear 434-249-6450
Matthew Wikswo 434-975-1910
Brent VanDevender 434-296-8759
Ted Gayle 434-531-6475
Jerry Matthews 434-973-9408
Clint Barnett 434-249-6018

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