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SERS: Carvins Cove

 Ride recap from Josh Wall:

Photgrapher: Josh Wall
We need these in ACPR parks. Very cool

On June 1st the third SERS ride of the season took place at Virginia’s other mountain bike Disneyland, Carvins Cove (the other one being Douthat).   The ride was almost derailed by a trail running marathon but luckily we only ended up seeing one competitor at the back of the pack.  We got in three big climbs and descents and everyone liked the Buck downhill so much we ended up doing it twice.  

Two new surprises at the Cove were an extremely cool bike repair station at the trail head that had a rack, pump and tools.  This would be a great addition to Walnut Creek or Preddy!  The other surprise was a brand new section of trail that runs parallel to the Gauntlet trail.   As awesome as the Gauntlet downhill is we couldn’t resist the huge berms and tabletops of the new section – it was freeride heaven.  

Hopefully this won’t be the last pilgrimage to the Cove by the CAMBC crew this summer.  On July 27th, the Virginia Endurance Series is doing an event there called “The Gamut” which involves riding every trail in Carvins Cove.   Check out the details here:

Photgrapher: Josh Wall

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