Meeting Notes

June 2006

Notes from June 6, 2006 CAMBC Club Meeting


At Anna’s Pizza, 7:00 p.m.


Next Meeting:            August TBD, 2006, 7:00 p.m. @ Anna’s Pizza


Attendees: Board Members in attendance: Will Sanford (President), Jason Hiser, Ted Gayle, Michele Co (Secretary), Ted Gayle (Treasurer). 24 total in attendance: See end of document for full list of attendees.


General Announcements


  1. CAMBC welcomes two new board members, Marty Quinn and Jason Hiser, who replace Sue George and Matthew Wikswo who have moved away.
  2. CAMBC’s new president is Will Sanford. Michele Co remains Secretary and Ted Gayle remains Treasurer.
  3. UVA Mountain Bike Club has donated $300 to CAMBC for our volunteer help at the O-Hill Meltdown. Thank you to UVA Mountain Bike Club! Also, thank you to those CAMBC members who volunteered, your efforts resulted in a large donation that helped buy CAMBC a new brusher!
  4. Rudy Project sponsorship. Matthew Wikswo has negotiated a partial sponsorship for paid club members for Rudy Project eyewear and helmets for the remainder of 2006 (BRO pro-deal). Check out the gear at
  5. Jeff Elmore ( ) is going to downhill at Snowshoe regularly, looking for company.
  6. Summer Sherando Camping Trip. Mary Jane Strickland and Matthew Wikswo are organizing a weekend riding/trailwork trip. Proposed weekends are 7/8/2006 or 7/22/06. If interested and have a date preference, contact Mary Jane ( (Matthew talked with Forest Service about the great work done at Whetstone Ridge. The Forest Service was impressed and grateful, so in return, even though the campground is overbooked, the Forest Service will work out a campsite for the CAMBC camping trip when the date is finalized.)


  1. WCP Trailwork day will be announced soon via email list by Ted.
  2. CAMBC Corner” writer needed to write blurb about CAMBC activities that goes in the quarterly SMBC newsletter. Interested? Contact .
  3. Questions? Want to volunteer for something? Have an idea for the club? If you have questions about or want to volunteer for any items in the notes, contact .


Financial State of the Union & Membership


  1. ~$1700 in the bank ($500 of this is IMBA/Clif Bar Grant money that needs to go to Albemarle County when the new Walnut Creek Park Kiosk is completed)
  2. 73 paid members. This is an all-time high for CAMBC.


Member Ideas/Comments (some via email)


  • Advanced/Fast rides. Recognized need for fast/advanced rides, looking for ride leaders.


  • Regular Sherando rides. Tom Garber recommends a monthly ride at Sherando. \


  • Trailwork at Mint Springs. Paul Buschi suggests organizing a trailwork day at Mint Springs. Will will check into this with the County.
  • Poison Ivy at WCP. Rich Covington noted thick poison ivy at top trails near gatehouse. Asked if it would be possible to spray poison on them. Will/Ted will check with the County about whether this is ok.



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Status Updates


  1. Trailwork and Advocacy Activity


  • National Trails Day Event with RTF. 10 CAMBC members donated 35 trailwork hours to help build 3 new trail segments on RTF including a new bridge. Estimated new mileage is around 2.5 miles. Will Sanford participated in and organized the coordination of the project from the CAMBC side.


  • Delfosse at Deer Park trail opening. ~3-4 miles of new trail were finished (trail breaking started in March, 2006) and opened on June 3 (National Trails Day). CAMBC was represented by Ted Gayle. There was a good turnout at the opening ceremony. These trails will be multi-use and open to hikers and mountain bikers, with scheduled ATV use days.


  • Whetstone Ridge. On May 6, a group of 18 volunteers from CAMBC and SMBC helped brush most of the Whetstone Ridge trail, putting in over 200 hours of trailwork. Thanks to the volunteers for all their hard work! This work has impressed the Forest Service. Now, get out there to see the trail! (Near Blue Ridge Parkway, Mile 28).


  • Trail tools – 1 new brusher and 3 new McLeods have been purchased


  • Preddy Creek – CAMBC Board met with Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, Albemarle County Parks & Recreation, and IMBA Trail Solutions (Rich Edwards) to discuss Preddy Creek. The BOS is in favor of classifying Preddy Creek as park land and is moving it along the administrative process. This may sound like a small step, but it is important and is great news!


  • O-Hill Liaison. Page Hufty has graduated and will be leaving us. He is looking for a CAMBC contact w/UVA. Interested? Contact Page (

Marty Quinn and Keith Payne expressed interested

  • Chris Greene Lake. Albemarle County is interested in building a beginner-level mountain bike trail at Chris Green Lake. CAMBC referred the County to Rich Edwards of IMBA Trail Solutions as a possible group to perform the trail building.


  1. Event/Trip/Ride Reports


  • Memorial Day Asheville trip to Bent Creek Trails was awesome! Come on this trip next year!


  • VA Mountain Bike Festival in Stokesville on Memorial Day weekend was a hit. ~10 CAMBC members attended and had a good time. A portion of the proceeds earned at the festival will be donated to CAMBC.


  • SSRs (Sunday Social Rides) are being held and attended regularly;


  • BRS (Blue Ridge School, private venue) rides are going well. CAMBC donated an IMBA Trail Building book to the school as a token of thanks for opening their trails to us.
  • Women’s Rides have started slow, but good turn out last week.


  • Beginner Rides are well attended drawing many intermediate riders wanting low pressure rides, and a few true beginner types. Mixed weekday/weekend schedule is working well


  • WNR’s are well attended. Sue George is resigning as leader. Dave Wotton is stepping up to take over organizing the WNR. Email him if you want to help!


  1. CAMBC Promotion


  • Stickers. Clint has ordered stickers and they will soon be available for public consumption.



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  • Banner. Keith has investigated the price of producing a banner with Performance Graphics. Price quoted was $192 for a 3’ by 8’ banner, single color. Additional cost of $40-$50 for cleaning up the CAMBC graphic. Anyone in the club have skills they want to donate?


  • Brochure. Jay has brochure in camera-ready format, just need to coordinate getting a paper copy to the County for copying.


  1. Non-profit Status


  • Sue George is working on non-profit status application (IRS Form 1023, application for official 501(c)(3) classification). Michele Co and Al Inigo have offered to help.


And there was much rejoicing…




First Name Last Name Email
Eric Anderson  
Clint Barnett
Alec Bateman
Paul Buschi  
Mary Carson
Michele Co
Rich Covington
Amanda Duley  
Peter Eldridge
Carl Elks  
Jeff Elmore
Susan Feild
Tom Garber
Ted Gayle
Carey Hill
Jason Hiser
Page Hufty
Keith Payne
Marty Quinn
Will Sanford
Francis Schmit
Craig Spear
Bill Ullrich  
Dave Wotton






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