Meeting Notes

August 2006

Notes from August 8, 2006 CAMBC Club Meeting


At Anna’s Pizza, 7:00 p.m.


Next Club Meeting:   TBD


Attendees: Board members in attendance: Will Sanford (President), Jason Hiser, Ted Gayle (Treasurer), Michele Co (Secretary). 19 total in attendance. See end of document for full list of attendees and events volunteered for.


General Announcements:


  1. Walnut Creek Park has some yellow jacket nests on the connector trail between the lake and the guardrail headed from the parking lot and the creek crossing. Please be careful when riding in this area.


  1. Beth Ike from Boys and Girls Club of Charlottesville and the youth cycling team participating in the Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge visited the meeting to encourage CAMBC members to volunteer to help at the event or participate as individual cyclists in the event (September 16-17, 2006). For more information, see A total of 180 volunteers are needed, CAMBC has been asked to help out in any way possible. Interested in volunteering, want to hear more about the volunteer opportunities for this event? Contact Jason Hiser ( )
  1. CAMBC is gearing up to get involved in several exciting events. Thank you very much to those who expressed interest in volunteering to help with these events at the meeting. If you are interested in helping out, but weren’t able to attend the meeting please contact Jason Hiser ( ). (Description of these events is later in the meeting notes.)


  • Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge (September 16-17, 2006)


  • Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (October 7, 1006)


  • Fall Foliage Festival (October 21, 2006)


  • CAMBC Annual Wild Ride (TBD)
  1. 4.     CAMBC’s 501(c)(3) application for official non-profit status has been submitted to IRS. We are awaiting the IRS’s determination.


  1. SMBC Fall Mountain Bike Festival will be happening at the Stokesville Campground. October 6-8, 2006
  1. Alia Anderson from ACCT (Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation) discussed a meeting to discuss priority issues that ACCT will pursue on behalf of bike users. She’d like to have as many bike users as possible attend this meeting (bike commuters, road cyclists, mountain bikers, etc.). Please consider attending this meeting! It will be held in September (date TBD, but will be announced to Watch the listserve for updates!


  1. Fast-Paced Rides have started! Watch the listserve for ride announcements. Many thanks to Shawn Tevendale and Josh Murrah for organizing these rides! Special thanks to Shawn for opening up his private trails to the club to ride on.
  1. CAMBC Stickers have arrived! Many thanks to Clint Barnett for putting up the money to make the initial sticker purchase. Stickers are $5 each and can be purchased from Clint. Michele ( ) also has a few.


  1. 9.     Writer(s) needed for CAMBC Corner (quarterly blurb in SMBC newsletter). Will Sanford and Steven Warner have volunteered to help with the upcoming newsletter. If you are interested in contributing, contact .


  1. Questions? Want to volunteer for something? Have an idea for the club? Contact .


CAMBC Event Planning:


  1. Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge, Sep. 16-17, 2006 – Team of 11 boys and girls (13-18) who have not cycled before are training this summer to complete a road cycling century. B&G Club would like CAMBC to:
    1. Work rest stops or help marshal courses
    1. Ride along with the Challengers

Please contact Jason Hiser ( ) if interested in volunteering.


  1. Boys and Girls Club Mountain Bike Challenge Project In development. This would be a similar idea to the road cycling challenge, to train kids for some sort of mountain bike racing goal. B&G Club is currently soliciting ideas for places to ride and/or event to train for.

a.  Here’s a listing of some of the possible goals/ideas that were brainstormed:

  1. Train the youth team to participate in 2-3 local mountain bike races



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  1. Train the youth team for 24-hour relay race


  1. Teach kids about bike maintenance and trail building techniques

Interested in getting involved with this project? Have further ideas? Please contact the

CAMBC board ( )

  1. Take A Kid Mountain Biking, October 7, 2006. This event is for kids aged 8-18 yrs old and will be held at Walnut Creek Park. We had a very successful event last year which included a skills course developed by Craig Spear and several rides led by many, many CAMBC members.

We need volunteers to help publicize, plan, organize, and lead rides for this year’s event. If interested, please contact Michele Co ( (Alia at ACCT noted that Community Bikes has a small fleet of bikes that might be available for kids without bikes to use.)

  1. Fall Foliage Festival, October 21, 2006. CAMBC has been asked to lead a mountain bike ride at Sherando for the Fall Foliage Festival ( ). The ride last year led by Craig Spear, Ted Gayle, and Jason Hiser was very successful. We need volunteers to help mark the route and lead/sweep the ride. If interested, please contact Craig Spear ( ).


  1. Wild Ride, October (date TBD). This is an event to celebrate mountain bike access and heighten awareness of trails whose access might be threatened. The first 3 were held at Sherando. There is a possibility that this year’s Wild Ride will be held at another venue whose access to mountain bikers may be threatened. Volunteers are needed to help bring this event together. If interested, please contact Marty Quinn ( ).


General Updates:


  1. Membership and Financial State of the Union. 73 paid members. $1967 in the CAMBC account ($500 is earmarked for kiosk to be built by Albemarle County at Walnut Creek Park).
  2. Trails and Advocacy Updates
    1. Mint Springs trailwork has been approved by County. This issue was put forth by a member at our last meeting. Will Sanford met with Dan Mahone (County) to discuss possibilities. In summary:
      1. Mint Springs is 450-500 acres of existing Albemarle County park land, whose primary users are hikers, although some bike riding has been occurring without issues.
      2. Care should be taken not to offend the existing trail users, but CAMBC has been given verbal approval to:


  1. Perform trail maintenance to handle trail sustainability issues (reroutes)
  2. Ride bikes on the trails, but, please respect all other trail users.
  3. Build new trails, if approved by the County, according to the following process (similar to the current process at Walnut):


  1. CAMBC develops topo map showing new trail location and gives to the County for approval


  1. If approved, CAMBC flags the route and does a walk-through with County for inspection
  2. If approved, CAMBC builds the flagged route
  3. Trailwork hours donated by volunteers will be good towards earning a County Park pass.
  4. MOU draft is in progress
  5. Next trailwork day may be here. Next several trail work days at Mint Springs will be to handle trail sustainability issues.
  6. Walnut Creek Park – County has given ok to spray the poison ivy. Park users are encouraged brush the trails at their leisure. For trailwork hours credit towards a park pass, please email with the names of the people in your group, how many hours you worked, and what type of work was performed. Note that a typical “workday” is 2 to 3 hours.


  1. O-Hill Liaisons. CAMBC Board and interested members met with Mark Voorhees, Dept. of Outdoor Recreation, UVA


  1. Designated Keith Payne, Marty Quinn, Jay Dicharry as CAMBC liaisons, who will organize trail work events.


  1. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is being drafted to send to Mark Voorhees.
  2. Fluvanna opportunity, good for those who live near Lake Monticello. There is a private owner who has ~3-4 miles of trails on his land. Trails are tight, twisty, and need working in. Owner rides once/twice a week and may be willing to lead other people around after



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5pm during the week. Contact Will Sanford ( ) for more information.

  1. Walnut Creek Kiosk. Still in the County’s backlog of projects to be handled. Completion time is currently unclear due to unexpected passing away of the hired contractor.
  2. Preddy Creek. There will be a public meeting held by the County in mid-to-late September to discuss. We need community support in attending this meeting to voice the desires of mountain bikers. Please watch the listserve for announcement of the meeting date. Parks and Recreation has also moved Preddy earlier on the budget consideration to the 2007-2008 budget year. (It was previously slated for 2008-2009 budget year, so this is great news!)
  3. Rte. 810. This area is still awaiting proper VDOT approved line of sight entrance.
  1. Sherando Camping Trip report (7/22/06). Mary Jane Strickland and Craig Spear reported that the Sherando camping trip had a modest turnout, but that everyone had a very nice time. The weather was perfect and the trails were great. Rides were held at Sherando and Whetstone Ridge. If you couldn’t come this year, please consider attending next year!
  1. VDOT Bicycle Map. CAMBC recently submitted listings for Walnut Creek Park and Lake Sherando as riding venues for a proposed VDOT bicycle map.


  1. CAMBC Brochure. Jay Dicharry has designed a beautiful brochure for the club. Keep an eye out soon for the brochures in local shops.


  1. Recurring ride reports (WNR, SSR, Beginner, Women, Fast). All rides are going well. If you’re interested in helping lead some of these rides, please contact




Attendee   Volunteered for..  
  Last Name


Take A Kid

Fall Foliage

Wild Ride

First Name  



Eric Anderson      


Alia Anderson  


Chris Breña  


Jessica Chapman



Michele Co



Richard Covington  


Amanda Duley


Ted Gayle





Kathleen Herndon      


Jason Hiser    



Beth Ike        
Jerry Mathews


Josh Murrah  


Keith Payne



Will Sanford        
Craig Spear  




Mary Jane Strickland        
Steven Warner


Dave Wotton  





















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