Meeting Notes

February 2008

CAMBC First Meeting of 2008


Tuesday, 02/05/08


Meeting Minutes

2/22/2008 by Chris Hoy, CAMBC Secretary


The Next Meeting will be April 15, 2008 at 7:00 PM. Venue TBD.


CAMBC’s annual meeting was held at Anna’s Pizza, 02/05/08, with an attendance of 19 (listed below).


Attendees: Carey Hill Craig Spear
  Jesse Huddleston Frances Schmit
  Ted Gayle Marty Quinn
  Billy Armstrong Paul Buschetti
  Matt Day Kyle Woolard
  Eric Smith Will Sanford
  Paul Lindblad John Jones
  Chris Hoy Jerry Matthews
  Kristi Lombard Michele Co
  Jason Hiser  


The meeting was called to order by Chris Hoy.


Carey Hill made Introductions and asked everyone present to say name and highlight any particular involvement with CAMBC or area in which they’d like to get involved. A sign-up sheet was circulated for filling in name, contact email, contact phone.



Will Sanford provided a 2007 Recap which highlighted key accomplishments for 2007. Details of these accomplishments can be reviewed on the CAMBC webpage. See the annual letter (with pretty photos). Of particular note was the Wednesday night ride at WC, 850 hours of trail work and ever improving relationships with the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County and the George Washington National Forest representatives.


Ted Gayle provided a Financial State of the Union. Our balance is up about $1,000 over last year due in part to Fridays After 5 beverage service and sponsorship of Aid Station 6 at the SM 100 . The club also invested in cooking gear and we are now able to feed groups of people at club events or as a fundraiser.


Marty Quinn provided a Membership Update and indicated that we have about 60 members, (including several that are delinquent in annual dues). We also discussed raising the membership cost to $15.


Ted Gayle advised the group that the Club won a $200 Interchangeable tool kit for trail work through the


IMBA/REI Tool Stash Grant.


Will Sanford provided an update on the BAMA Works Grant. The Club applied for the grant in the amount of $16,000. The request is earmarked for a piece of used, motorized trail building equipment and a 2 axle trailer to haul it on. Since we may get some but not all of the money, additional grants will likely be needed for the $16,000 grant revenue goal. We need a club member to help with Grant writing.


Kyle Woolard gave an update on the McIntire Free Ride Park progress. McIntire is a model for the future and there was much discussion regarding the Club’s role in signage and policing of the trails. There




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was a consensus, that though the Club is involved, the City Parks and Recreation Department should be the “police.” The Club should set a good example and encourage all riders to wear helmets and practice good trail etiquette.


There was no update on the Pumptrack.


The next Trail work event will be led by Ted Gayle and Jason Hiser and will be Saturday, February 9th at 10:00 AM at Walnut Creek. Post meeting update: 30 more hours of work went into the new section near the Maintenance shed. Members are encouraged to check the CAMBC website for March, April and may work dates.


Jerry Matthews received the CAMBC Volunteer of the Year Award. Chris Hoy presented Jerry with a brand new Rogue Hoe for all of his efforts working with the new map at WC and reblazing the trails at WC.


Carey Hill pulled tickets out of the jug for the Trail work Raffle. The table was full of good schwag and every name that was pulled received a prize of some kind, ranging from Pearl Izumi jerseys to IMBA stickers. Several members picked multiple gifts and thanks go out to all trail work volunteers.


There was much discussion about Events and Rides for 2008 . What we really need are volunteers to lead rides. The followings ride are becoming more popular and our goal is to provide group ride options for all abilities.


Carey Hill will be leading Women’s Rides.


The Winter Training Series is led by Shawn Tevendale. Rides available all week. Will Sanford will host intermittent Monday Recovery Rides.


Dave Wotton continues to lead the ever popular Wednesday Night Ride We could use ride leaders for Beginners and Experts


Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day – Date to be determined


Wild Ride – Date to be determined. Committee needed. Consider moving to Spring or Summer. Annual May CAMBC cook out at WC and to award Park passes. Date to be determined.


The meeting was opened up for member discussion. Byrom Park and Preddy Creek plans were of particular interest. Look for additional information in the Fall of 2008.


Will Sanford discussed Fundraising for 2008. We need the money for matching funds for grants. Will briefly discussed a new position (IMBA Regional representative) and the club role as a member of the funding coalition. The paid position would stay on top of current issues affecting trails and riding in the GWNF as well as representation with regards to Wilderness designation. Members are also encouraged to join IMBA.

















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