Meeting Notes

May 2007

Notes from May 8, 2007 CAMBC Club Meeting


At Anna’s Pizza, 7:00 p.m.


Next Club Meeting:   TBD


Attendees: Board members in attendance: Will Sanford (President),Carey Hill, Chris Hoy (Secretary), Mary Quinn. 20 total in attendance. See end of document for full list of attendees and events volunteered for.




  1. City Pump Track and Skills park; Headed by Jay Dicharry and Scott Smith. Have had multiple meetings with City and presented some preliminary designs. This would be a good project to write a grant for.


  1. Grant Writing: CAMBC has 501C3 non profit status. People are needed to volunteer pursuing grants. If you are interested in helping out, but weren’t able to attend the meeting please contact:



IMBA Membership Software:

1.  CAMBC is pursuing a pilot program with IMBA to make membership management easier.


Upcoming Events and Volunteers needed:


  1. The Wild Ride will be happening in late August or early September at Whetstone. Marty Quinn will lead the effort to turn this into a premier event. Over night camping and some trail work were also discussed as part of the usual event.


  1. Volunteers are needed to lead group rides. This is a core element of CAMBC and an important part of club promotion. Many thanks to Shawn Tevendale and Dave Wotton for continuing to lead the fast rides and the night rides. Carey Hill has started leading the Women’s rides again. Volunteers for intermediate, beginner, and social rides are needed.


  1. CAMBC’s participation in leading the mt. bike portion of the fall foliage festival is unclear. Prior volunteers indicate the club does not get enough out of the event for the effort put in. If CAMBC is asked, we’ll request some type of donation based on our involvement.


  1. National Trails Day is June 2. CAMBC is assisting the RTF again with the development of more multiuse trail in McIntire Park. This time its on the east side of the train tracks. The day begins at 8:30am on Melbourne Road, just below the CHS football stadium.


  1. Travis Blalock will coordinate another ride at the Blue Ridge School.


  1. Questions? Want to volunteer for something? Have an idea for the club? Contact .


Trail Updates:


  1. Whetstone Ridge has been officially adopted by CAMBC. This means CAMBC will be the “go to” group for volunteer effort on this trail. Marty Quinn has led several trail work events here over the last year, and he’ll work on getting a map up on the web site.


  1. Mint Springs : the new trail has been completed and named the Yellow Mountain Trail or Little Yellow.


  1. At Walnut Creek, Albemarle County has asked CAMBC to do a reroute that will move the trail away from the maintenance shed that the county built in 2005. There will be a perimeter fence built around the shed that will cut the trail off. Initially this will result in a net loss of trail, however a larger reroute is planned that will remove two unsustainable sections and likely result in a net increase in total trail.


General Info and Member suggestions:


  1. Membership and Financial State of the Union. __?? paid members. $1837 in the CAMBC account.


  1. We need signs saying “This trail cheerfully built and maintained by Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club”. Signs shouldn’t be permanent, but put up for a few months.
  2. Craig Spear wants to lead CAMBC’s participation in the Dogwood parade next year.



  1. Horse and ATV use at Mint is evident.


  1. Nick Nichols from Wintergreen is a new member and is interested in exploring opportunities with CAMBC.




  Last Name
First Name  
Clint Barnett
Travis Blalock
Michele Co
Jay Dicharry
Carl Elks
Carey Hill
Jason Hiser
Chris Hoy
John Jones
Michael Lamb
Justin Mathews
Jerry Mathews
Nick Nichols
Walter Owen
Keith Payne
Marty Quinn
Will Sanford
Scott Smith
Craig Sphere
Graham Worth